Sunday, June 04, 2006

Buzzed up peanut butter

Since we had a stay over in Minneapolis when we went to the wedding, we went on over to our old stomping grounds...

As we wasted time wandering around, we came across a store that was not there the last time we were. P.B.Loco is a store that only sells different jars of peanut butter and is set up to make a grilled sandwich or a veggie snack with the peanut butter of your choice. They had free samples and after we ate way too many, we ended up picking out a jar that captivated our overloaded tastebuds the most.

It was slightly sweet, smooth and creamy with cocoa undertones. There was a distinct coffee aroma and taste. We had most of it on bagels or on some crisp celery. Unfortunetly, the jar did not last nearly long enough for the price - but I would not hesitate to buy this again if we were in the area. We were tempted by some of the savory options (Asian curry spice anyone?) but I would love to try some of the other flavors in some baked goods.


  1. Mall of America???? And you didn't take me and my almost 8 year old daughter? Would you believe that going to MOA is our dream vacation? LOL
    Oh how I envy you!
    Oh and the PB sounds YUMMO!


  2. Tammy - Have you been there before? When we lived in Minneapolis we went there probably at least once a week! It can't imagine how often we would be there now that Ikea moved in next door!

  3. NO!! We have not been and honestly, my dd and I want to make it our vacation one year. DH isn't as thrilled at the thought of a vacation at a mall, hehe! Oh, once a week??? I get thrilled with just going to Target once a week!

    Well, at least I have a dream, right? LOL


  4. Now, that sounds interesting! Peanut butter and chocolate is already yummy, with a mocha flavor involved... I can only imagine how good it was. I perfectly understand why it didn't last long! hehe!

  5. Joe,
    Did you know that there is now a PB Loco at Scottsdale Fashion Square?
    I'm not even much of a pb fan, but they make it sound so tempting.

  6. Hi there! love your blog.

    They have a PB Loco in Scottsdale Fashion Square. Aren't you guys in AZ?

  7. that is an interesting looking product! i wonder what the taste difference is from european cafe mocha and regular cafe mocha...or does that mean my cafe mocha is regular and yours is european? hmm. well anyway it looks tasty :)

  8. I've been to MOA a couple times. I loved it!!

  9. this pb loco stuff is also sold at most supertarget stores

  10. Tammy - Get a trip going - you will love it!

    Ana - hee hee... not long indeed!

    Maureen and Anon - I didn't know that! SFS is not very close to us, but we might have to drive out there and check it out again!

    Catesa - Good question - hee hee!

    Randi - Yeah!

    TG - We don't have super targets near us - but there might be one somewhat close when we move to MD! Thanks for the info!