Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some news to spill...

Yikes, it has been several months since I've been able to post. Perhaps after you get done reading this, you'll understand why!

I don't have much news on the gut issue - the medication they've been toying my intestinal system with has done a little to improve my symptoms, but not as much as we've been hoping. They switched the type of medication once to a similar one that works in a slightly different way, but it hasn't made much of a difference either. They warned me this was the probable out come, but were giving it a chance that it may have a bigger impact. What to do now? Live with it, I guess - at least until we are settled down again.

Yes, you read that right... "settled down again". Another two plus year stint has left Jeff with a larger scratch that he couldn't itch anymore, leaving us with one option... another move! That would be one of the reasons this place has quieted down so much - we've been getting the house and yard all gussied up to put on the market. The house not only went up on the market a few weeks ago, but we had a solid offer within 6 days - thanks to our ridiculously brilliant Realtor®, Melissa Brown! Craziness!

Of course, it couldn't be an easy two or three-state-away move, but a complete cross-country trip. So, where are we off to?

We're heading to the Easy Bay area, just minutes (well several, depending on that crazy California traffic...) away from San Francisco. Hello gorgeous!

Does this mean I'm closing up shop here? That is still up in the air as we won't know how long this whole process is going to take. We close on this house at the end of September, but we may be leaving earlier if everything works out. With quite the mountain of tasks ahead of us (we will have to downsize quite a bit this time, which is actually a good thing - however, this means we need to sell/donate/deal with quite a few of our household goods), free time will be at a minimum as we wrap and pack anything coming with, prepare the pups for the long haul and finish up any lingering details before we can ship off.

This is going to be an exciting journey, with several ups and downs I'm sure, but the spectacular location we are headed to this time is sure to light an inspirational spark under my lazy blogging behind. Perhaps we'll be able to fire this thing up again once we have completed this adventure.

See you soon from the other side of the coast!