Monday, July 29, 2013

It's that time again...

With time escaping us, the movers are due to arrive at any moment to once again transfer our goods to a truck for yet another adventure. Jeff and I will be packing up the car tonight, then head out with the pups early tomorrow morning to start the trek back to Minnesota. We think it will probably take around three days, starting with a long 12 hour drive tomorrow.

You have seen the house, but here is another view of the new hobby farm.

Can't you already picture some animals out there grazing?

On the other side of the property is a small pond. It was almost crystal clear when we saw it, watching tadpoles darting in every direction as we walked up. While we are not sure how deep it is or if it will stay that clear, Jeff and I can't wait to find out! I wonder if Gus and Dora will want to take a dip? Somehow I doubt it.

Speaking of those two crazy doggies, they definitely know something is up with the apartment stacked to the gills with moving boxes. Little do they know what kind of a playground we are heading towards! Here they are trying to take a snooze and soak in the sun during the flurry of activity.
We will check in once we arrive and have services hooked up. Hopefully that will be by the end of the week, but who knows!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life is never dull...

I can not believe what I am going to tell you - I'm not entirely sure it has sunk in 100 percent yet.

Yes, with that sentence, I'm sure you know what is happening. We are moving, again. Care to guess where?

Drum roll...

Back to Minnesota, again! Crazy, no? I could write several pages worth to explain what all is happening, but I'll save you the time and condense it down. 

I decided not to share it at the time, but Dad passed away back in January. It was pretty unexpected how it all went down and I'm not entirely sure what else to say. Nonetheless, this left Mom by herself on the large family farm. Jeff and I have had discussions over the years on how we would eventually love to go back to our roots, end up on a farm, grow our own food and be more self-sustainable. While we didn't expect it to happen as fast as it has, we are diving head first into that dream!

Last weekend, we flew back to Minnesota to see what all was available, property-wise, and have a quick visit with family. We came across a 7-acre hobby farm and fell in love with not only the layout, but the charming 1913 farm house it contained. It does need a little love and updating on the inside, but it has lots of original touches that captivated us and we will work hard to keep those intact.

Little did we know, by the time we left, we had us a farm! The place is only about 5 miles away from Mom (bonus points for that alone!), keeping us close enough to run over and help out as needed, along with perhaps throwing us into the mix to try and grow her business a bit! Once we settle ourselves in, we'll be setting up a garden, raising chickens and perhaps a cow or three - exciting and scary all rolled into one big package.

Just how fast is this happening? Fast. As in less than two weeks we'll be packing up the car and heading out for the long drive, assuming plans fall into place! As Jeff always says "Life is an Adventure!". If only the pups had any idea what they are in for.

Care to follow along with us on this journey?