Saturday, April 15, 2006

We eat in the morning too!

So we have been known to do quite a few breakfasts for dinner, I think it is about time we had something new for breakfast!

The recipe, Peanut Butter Pancakes uses a combination of half all-purpose flour and half whole wheat pastry flour to keep them light. If we were to use all whole wheat flour, they might have been a little too heavy for our taste. There is a pretty small amount of sugar in the recipe which adds just enough sweetness. We typically don't buy crunchy peanut butter, so we just used about 3 tablespoons creamy and chopped up about a heaping tablespoon of peanuts and mixed them together. I also used a vanilla soy milk which added another background of vanilla flavor. The pancakes are light with a little puff from the baking powder. The nuts brought some crunchy little surprises in each bite.


  1. Oh these sound good, wish my doctor hadn't just told me to stop eating peanuts! Maybe I can make them for the kids though!!!

  2. Yeah! Thank you! Now I know what to make tomorrow for brunch. These sound delicious. I am thinking of using almond milk too, since this is what we have on hand.

  3. What did you eat ON them? Maple syrup? Fruit? Love the photo of the pancakes in a bed of peanuts! I saw your comment about the square bagels - maybe they'll make their way West.

  4. Mmmm, those look delicious. I'm not a fan of peanuts so I'd probably exclude them. They'd be good with a little bit of maple syrup and strawberries on them. Or just strawberries by themselves.

    When I first saw the picture, I thought that they were quadruple layer cookies with a tiny bit of filling in the middle, like the ones that you have at the top of the page.

  5. Hmmm----I'll have to try this someday. They look delicious indeed :)
    Happy Easter----------

  6. Wonderful! I'll bet these would be quite filling ... perfect to eat at the start of a busy day, maybe with some grape jelly (just because I love that combination). Yum!