Sunday, February 18, 2007

No pastry to top your savory pie? Here's a solution!

What a busy week in the kitchen - we went through 14 new recipes... whew! It was hard to narrow down some favorites, but I think we would choose the Dark and Dangerous Cinnamon Buns, Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Waffles, Chocolate Whoopie Pies, and because we should include something that was not a sweet... the One-Dish Barley, Wild Rice, and Chicken Pilaf as well.

Tonight's dinner was certainly one of comfort as I made individual Turkey Pies with Mashed Potato-Asiago Topping. Underneath a generous pile of mashed potatoes is a creamy combination of onions, shallots, baby green peas and chopped turkey with the mixture being seasoned with fresh sage and parsley. I made a batch of mashed potatoes just for this recipe, but it would work great with leftovers or even the pre-made ones you can find in the stores if you are running short on time. To pep up the potatoes, shredded Asiago cheese and seasonings are added before you pile them on the filling. If you are using leftover potatoes, be sure to check for seasonings as it may not need any depending on how you flavored them originally! The pies are assembled in ramekins for easy portion control - once filled, they go in the oven until the filling is thick, hot and bubbly. As the potatoes heat up, they formed a crusty golden cover that I could have probably eaten just by itself and been content for the evening!


  1. I recently read a thread on one of the food forums about alternative toppings for pies (I cannot remember which forum though) - the list of alternatives that people came up with was truely staggering.

    I like the fact that you piped the topping onto the pie... a bit too much effort for me!

  2. Joe - I had something similar to this MANY moons ago in Boston at Faneuil Hall. The bottom crust was made using stuffing! Thanks for sharing your version.

  3. Hi Joe - I like the idea of piping mashed potatos on as a topping - like a shepard's pie! Yum!

  4. Tim - it's the little things that make cooking fun though!

    Ed - Oh my... that is brilliant putting stuffing on the bottom!

    Gilly - It made topping them much quicker too!