Friday, April 18, 2008

Maple-Glazed French Toast Sticks...

Who loves breakfast-for-dinner night? We do, we do! Usually the breakfast recipes we end up preparing are no brainers and it's a nice diversion from the more labor intensive dinners we do some nights!

We leaned towards the sweeter side of breakfast dishes with tonight's pick of Maple-Glazed French Toast Sticks. A combination of milk, pure maple syrup, our favorite Vietnamese cinnamon, a dash of salt and a few large eggs are whisked together to create the dip the bread slices go through before being cooked in a small pool of melted butter. Don't forget that dash of salt in the liquids - that little bite will help calm and control the sweet syrup. So the slices wouldn't end up being too soggy after being soaked, we left the bread out overnight so it would dry out a bit. If you forget to do this part, I've been known to place the bread into the toaster oven for a few minutes to simulate the drying effect.

We are big fans of the salty/sweet combo, so what else would I serve along side but some crisp bacon? As Jeff quickly figured out, the French toast sticks were just the right size to fit a piece of bacon on top to form little naughty finger sandwiches. With a few shakes of confectioners' sugar on top and a warmed individual bowl of sticky warmed maple syrup on the side, we both made quick work of our plates devouring these fun sticks.

Now, you could certainly leave the bread slices whole, but I sliced the day-old pieces of bread in sticks for a simple reason - ease of dealing with the leftovers! Jeff sometimes takes a little too long between waking up and trying to get out the door in the morning, so breakfasts that can be easy to eat on-the-go are something I try to keep a supply of in the freezer. My plan is to heat them back up in the toaster oven, slip them into a cup that would fit into the drink holder in the car and dust them with confectioners' sugar - a small syrup dipper would be optional, but knowing Jeff, it would be all over his shirt by the time he drove into the parking garage... hee hee!


  1. Yum! That looks delicious, Joe!
    You sure do take good care of Jeff.

  2. Well now we are going to have to have these for dinner :)