Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Some pics from the farm... Disney coming tomorrow!

We spent most of this morning heading down to the farm to pick up the pups as they had their own little vacation there while we were away. We took a few snaps to give you a peek into the spring happenings down there (some of these are from when we dropped the pups off last week)! As with the rest of the pictures on the site, you can click on them to view them in a larger and clearer size.

Here are a few of the new faces - the first is a three day old baby goat!

The next is another baby that has quite the chin goin' already!

These cuties just wanted to be held so they could cuddle!

Mom has quite the bounty (several dozen already!) of baby chicks going this year - this one just had to strike a pose.

She is also getting her copious plants, vegetables and herbs ready for the farmers market - here's a purple flower that was soaking up the sun.

The tomato plants are growing at lightning speed as well - I can already imagine the fruit that this plant is going to produce!

I'm still going through the Disney pictures - I'll get a couple of those up tomorrow and talk a bit more about what we did (and where we ate!). Tonight's dinner will be nothing new or fancy... just some leftover chili I froze before we left and a big ol' baked potato.


  1. Awwww... I LOVE baby goats! SO cute!

  2. Thanks for the pictures. They are so cute. Welcome back.

  3. Joe

    I think my new puppy Velcro has some goat mixed with her Chow, Sharpei and Golden Retriver. She loves to eat paper and plastic anything. She has also eaten two remote controls, the plug off the unplugged vacuum cleaner and my sofa.

    She is currently off for 3 weeks at Canine University. Hope she comes home, on June 1, with some manners.

  4. Tomato plants are flowering in MN in May???? Or is it a greenhouse? I can't wait to plant, but planting time is still a couple weeks off....

    Cute pics!

  5. She has them growing away currently in one of the greenhouses on the farm!