Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trying to warm up with a bowl of Broccoli-Potato Soup with Greens....

Woah.... we are still in October right? I know we are in Minnesota and all... but snow (the larger photo shows the flakes better)? Already?

It is crazy windy outside (gusts up to 50 mph) and the temperatures are plummeting quickly - Gus has already decided he is not a snow puppy and wants to stay inside where it is cozy and warm! I can just hear it "Hurry up, open the door and let me in - my furry toes are freezing already!".

One more week in 2008 has come to an end with 7 new recipes - our favorites this time were that Cheese Steak Pizza, those Pumpkin-Oat Pancakes with Crystallized Ginger and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Shortbread from the Wednesday Treat Day.

With the weather as crazy as it was today, soup sounded way too good for lunch today - I wavered between this Broccoli-Potato Soup with Greens and a corn and bacon chowder, but the first won out since I really needed to get an older head of broccoli used up.

The base to this speedy soup is basically chopped red potatoes that we dunked in vegetable broth and simmered until they soften enough so that our handy potato masher could do its job. Broccoli florets, along with a bit of milk, are then tossed in. Once the mixture began to bubble again, we turned up the volume by tossing in shreds of smoked Gouda cheese, adding a luxurious component to the soup. You'll notice that the cheese is dusted with flour before being added - this gives the shreds some wiggle room to melt and incorporate fully into the soup without any separating or clumping issues.

Seasoned with coarsely ground black pepper, the smoky soup is topped off with hand-torn curly endive for a slightly bitter edge and because I couldn't help myself, a bit more of that tempting Gouda cheese. If you don't groove on that added bitterness, you could also use shredded romaine or even toss in some spinach leaves for the greens. While I made this on a weekend, this soup would be perfect to prepare on a hectic weeknight for an intriguing, nutritious dinner that warms you from the inside out.


  1. that soup looks just perfect for a blustery day! and i love gus, he is too cute!!! :)

  2. I moved to the West Coast (B.C.) in order to get away from the weather you described. I used to live in Calgary, where the weather is similar to yours. My son jokes that they 4 seasons there: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Road Construction.
    Anyway, I think your soup is at least a bit of consolation. :)

  3. I'm in the soup mode as well. Our weather is still nice but I love soup. So Gus does not like that weather. Too funny.

  4. Your soup sounds great on a day like was in the 60s yesterday, and then today it is snowing?! What is going on?! I hope you stayed inside and that your soup warmed you both up today...I may make a pot of soup myself tonight!


  5. mmm, soup! I'm planning to make a big (pressure cooker) pot of baked potato soup for dinner.
    My dh will be so thrilled, he lothes soup, unless it's clam chowder :P But, gosh darnit, I'm cooking so I'm choosing lol.

    Gus is darling too! Those eyes are beautiful!

  6. Brrrr-my garbage can have blown over and it looks too chilly to go rescue them (at least they are empty).

    Your soup looks awesome. I have limited groceries in the house (and am too lazy to venture out for any) but, I found enough ingredients to make a pot of soup for lunch. Unfortunately, my son vetoed me, and we ended up having chicken and stars from a can. Your soup looks much better!

  7. TTFN - He says "Woof!".

    Erik - Yeah, sounds familiar.

    Helene - For now, but hopefully he'll "warm" up to the cold.

    Courtney - We had to do a run to the market, but otherwise we tried to keep warm inside!

    Stacey - Oh, I love baked potato soup!

    Ninjamom - Ugh, I hate when that happens! I'm usually the one who has to go get them too!

  8. Oliver hates the snow too, but Harley loves it. Go figure.

  9. Randi - we're waiting to see how he does when it really starts to come down!