Friday, January 02, 2009

Fig-and-Prosciutto Flatbread...

Time to get to the first Friday Pizza Night of 2009! Woo!

We ended up having to run to a few different markets so we could make this Fig-and-Prosciutto Flatbread tonight. I figured that would happen though as I had a feeling fig preserves would be none to common in these parts.

The base of this flatbread is our ever-loved whole-wheat pizza dough -I should probably venture out and try some other recipes, but why mess around when you have something that works so well? After giving the dough a few pushes and prods with my fingers to stretch it out into a circle, we smeared the top with a thin layer of extra-virgin olive oil for a bit of richness. While you don't have to do this step, since this pizza isn't being weighed down with sauce and toppings, I highly suggest you do this as it adds a luxurious accent to the other ingredients.

Minced garlic and fresh rosemary season up the top of the dough, followed by small dollops of sticky sweet fig preserves. Don't worry about trying to spread it to an even level as it will melt and glide around when it hits the heat in the oven. Racy crumbles of Gorgonzola cheese are then strewn over, followed by strips of salty prosciutto before sliding the crust onto the hot pizza stone.

Thanks to a generous coat of olive oil on the dough, the crispy thin crust baked to a beautiful golden brown, while the toppings melted into each other. I thought this was very good, but I do have to agree with Jeff on one comment - while the Gorgonzola was good, it almost seemed to overwhelm the delicate fig preserves and mask their inherent sweetness. However, we were quite enthralled with the combination when we hit spots that were a little lighter on the cheese - so I think a little less of those pungent crumbles might be a good thing. This probably depends on the exact cheese you use though... ours was apparently on the stronger side! Nice as a main dish, I could easily see stretching the dough into a large rectangle and then cutting it into small squares for an appetizer.


  1. Joe, what a great start for Friday Night Pizza. I love my pizza dough recipe but will try yours some day.

  2. Hey Joe - How crispy does that pizza dough get for you? I can't get it to crisp up as much as I'd like. Is there a secret? THANKS!

  3. wow, that sounds just delightful!

  4. This has been one of our favorite combinations for a number of years. The recipe I used called for a mixture of brie and mozzarella, and also included instructions for "fig jam" - enough for two pizzas! I also make it as an appetizer on puff pastry-it's yummy:)

  5. I'm trying this next weekend. I am always looking for a way to use my fig preserves other than at breakfast.

  6. Helene - Thanks!

    Terri - we think it gets pretty crisp, especially when you use a stone. The thinner the dough starts out, the crisper it usually stays.

    TTFN - Thank you!

    Anon - Brie and Mozzarella huh? That sounds like a fun experiment!

    Margaret - I hope you like!

  7. Hi Joe,

    can't wait to try this, it looks delicious! Have you ever tried pan-fried pizza? It is really good and you get that olive oil permeating the dough...yum!
    see for the how-to's!

  8. We like it with flax flatbread and cambozola cheese (available at Whole Foods). We agree that any type of blue cheese - including gorganzola - overwhelms. Mix it with a creamy French cheese if you use it. The Grape Restaurant in Bonita Springs, FL has this on the menu with Cambozola and they get it just right.