Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at the farm...

Yesterday we packed up Gus and drove down to the farm to visit with family over Easter. Gus has been down to the farm a couple of times, but it had always been too cold outside to take him around and show him the ropes. We decided goats would be a good start for this trip - I wonder what was going through his head when this scruffy guy popped up to see what all the fuss was?

We then brought him down to the kids in the barn that were closer to his size... they just wanted to give him a little kiss!

Then we went to check out the bigger guys that were outside... who were at the ready!

I figured he might just run away and hide, but he had the guts to stick his little head right to the fence and sniff things out!

I think he might have to be renamed Mighty Gus if we can find a cape his size!

Mom was taking care of most of the spread for dinner, but we did contribute with dessert (surprise!). Since Jeff always makes sure that I bake a batch of those jelly bean studded Easter Biscotti each year, I did bring a few down to share.

I also thought some cupcakes would be good and I made those White Cupcakes we made for treat day a few weeks ago. Instead of doing a traditional buttercream, we went with a soft and creamy marshmallow frosting and topped each cupcake with either green-tinted or toasted coconut to work as a nest for some candy speckled eggs! I'll try and get that posted in couple days if anyone wants that frosting recipe.

A fun day indeed!


  1. Love the farm pictures, this is great. Your mom must be happy when you visit and bring nice dessert like that.

  2. Helene - It was a nice visit!

  3. What a fabulous Easter!! Your biscotti and your cupcakes look totally amazing. But, I must say, my favorite pictures were of the doggie-goat love going on. How completely precious!!

  4. These look too good to eat. I'd love to have the marshmallow frosting recipe!