Sunday, May 03, 2009

One wonderful day...

We did it! Yesterday was the walk to support the Animal Humane Society - with a stunning weather forecast, they were expecting over 7,000 people to come! Care to indulge me while we forgo our typical food post and take a visual a trip through our day?

Right after we arrived at the registration area, we came upon this giant bone that Gus wanted to try and tackle, but we convinced him that it was just too big for his little self. A little annoyed, he settled for a picture!

While the sun was shining its warm rays down, the air was still fairly chilly this early in the morning... however, we were given these snazzy hooded sweatshirts since you guys helped us cross over the $1000 mark for Team Gus!

So, who was one of the lucky doggies that got to meet Gus for the first time?

That's one big dog in a tutu! I wish I could have heard what was going on in our tiny pups head when this giant was lookin' back at him.

So, while we had the big guys dressed in their best duds, the tiny ones were also showing off the latest fashions as well!

Now, this is the Animal Humane Society after all, so there wasn't just dogs here... we then spotted this cutie.

Who was quickly out done by this buggy full of bunnies!

So, now we've got dogs and bunnies... what else?

A couple of horses of course! And then?

This couple not only had two dogs, but a bunch of beautiful birds along for the long walk! There were also rats (! and not very photogenic I might add), a couple snakes, a gaggle of ferrets (literally) in a stroller, a few lizards and I heard later on there was even a wallaby there, but we didn't get to see it.

A couple of friends, Dawn and Chad, joined us for the walk and Gus made a new buddy! Look at these two...

What a pair! Gus is already asking to have a play date with his new long-haired friend, Diego.

A little further down the road on the walk, we came upon this guy who had it made!

Gus was jealous for a minute, but then moved on to see what else was up ahead. Was that such a bright idea? Next in line was this guy...

Yep, there were several goats there too! Lots of dogs tried to go say hello, but none of the goats wanted to reciprocate! Goats like to buck and boy did they show it today!

At the halfway point, we saw several pups who decided they had enough with the trotting and decided it was a fine time for a long break...

After we were done walking, we took a trip through the "bone yard" so Gus could snatch a treat.

But, they only give you 45 seconds to grab one and the humans can't help! Sadly, he was too overwhelmed and couldn't make up his mind on what looked the best! The volunteers did give him a small treat for trying though!

When we finally got home, Gus, who walked almost the entire 5 miles with his bud, grabbed his favorite chew toy, crawled halfway up the stairs into his sunny spot and quickly zonked out with thoughts of all his new friends he got to play with today!

And with that, let me end with this sign at the walk that says it all to every one of you that helped support this well deserved cause!


  1. Wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing your day by way of the pictures. Such a great cause...

  2. What a beautiful day to be out walking for a great cause! I can't believe the number of different animals you saw - goats, ponys, ferrets, bunnies, awesome is that?

    Thanks for posting the pictures - I especially loved the one of a pooped Gus on the stairs.

    But wait! No Max?

  3. My partner and a couple of friends volunteered -- they spent the morning telling people where to park.
    Glad you had a good time!

  4. Great photos, thanks for bringing us along for the walk! And thanks again for working so hard to raise money for the Animal Humane Society!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Glad you blogged about it. Great pictures of the event.

  6. Looks like a very fun and rewarding day!

  7. Awwwwww... a tuckered out Gus is adorable.

    My son would SO agree with you about the goats. He had a head-butting run in with Dolly-the-goat when he was a little boy and he's NEVER forgotten it. LOL

  8. Oh my gosh, this is an adorable post. I'm glad you guys helped a great cause :)

  9. Yesterday was gorgeous--the perfect day for a walk! I saw on the news that there was even a monkey at the walk :o)

    That photo of Gus asleep on the stairs is too cute!


  10. What a wonderful cause to walk for. My husband and I just rescured our first cat who was set to be put to sleep that day. What a rewarding experience we will definately do it again.

    If you'd be interested in exchanging blogroll links let me know at


  11. Looks like you guys had perfect weather and a fantastic time!!! Good for all of you.

  12. This is a really nice article! I love your writing and your blog

  13. Awesome post with great pictures. Little Gus is so adorable and obviously had a great time.Good on ya for getting to the $1000 mark, so appreciated and will help so much.

  14. I looked for you on tv! We flew into MN for my son's graduation from vet school and were watching tv in the hotel. Lo and behold there was the walk. Looked to see if we could see you and Gus but no such luck. Did see the wallaby though:)

    It was a beautiful day for a walk and also for the newest veterinarians to graduate!

  15. looks like it was a great day for a walk!

  16. I just can't thank you all for the wonderful support you gave us! This cause is close to our hearts and I was so happy that with all you behind us, we were able to donate as much as we did!

    Robert - I wish I would have known! We would have stopped by to say Hello.

  17. Looks like a great time!! Gus and Diego are so cute together. And I love the goats. What great pics! Thanks for sharing.