Thursday, October 29, 2009

Linguine with Shrimp and White Wine

The other night for dinner, we made this Linguine with Shrimp and White Wine dish - this is one of those recipes that could easily scale down to one serving, or double what we did and come up with a meal for four. Because I had ideas for the next days lunch, I only wanted to prepare a dish that left us with two servings.

Just as the salted water came up to a boil for the pasta, I had another skillet right next to it melting a couple pats worth of butter. Once the quarter pound of pasta was dropped, we slid minced garlic and a generous pinch of crushed red pepper into the pool of butter and waited for their pungent fragrance to release.

Turning up the heat to get the action started, the skillet was ready for a couple glugs from a bottle of dry white wine. Giving it a couple minutes to bubble away, the wine concentrated down by a third and was ready for the next ingredient - shrimp! Now, you know I'm not the biggest seafood fan, but I'm still plugging away on broadening my horizons (though I think I'm at a point where I should stop saying that because I've warmed up to it quite a bit) and besides, Jeff loves his shrimp!

Seasoned judiciously with salt and fresh ground black pepper, a touch of fresh lemon juice and a bit of cold butter was swirled in to finish this off with a sharp richness. The cooked pasta was tossed in to coat, then we divvied the skillet between two plates and topped each off with a bit of chopped fresh parsley.

With a pleasant, slight burn from the crushed red pepper, there really isn't much more to say other than we found this to be such a simple and clean meal that it didn't take us long for the noodles and succulent shrimp to vanish off our plates. Besides the few minutes of prep to get the ingredients together and water to a boil, this zippy shrimp dish was practically ready by the time the pasta timer went off - bonus points on that alone!


  1. That looks delicious!

    My son would eat it too --- he doesn't like linguini with clam sauce, but with shrimp??? I think we have a winner.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Yum. I love shrimp with my pasta and this looks like the perfect balance of comfort and freshness.

  3. Dee - Will you be giving it a try?

    Kelly - Thanks!