Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sesame-Orange Shrimp...

I wish I would have doubled the recipe we had for dinner, Sesame-Orange Shrimp - it was suppose to make four servings, leaving us with two for tomorrow. However, Jeff and I couldn't manage to stop eating these and finished the whole darn thing tonight ourselves!

Before tossing the shrimp in a skillet, they were first coated in a light batter made from cornstarch, a couple frothy egg whites and a combination of black and white sesame seeds. You can use either the light or dark seeds, but since I happened to already have each in the freezer, I figured using both would make for a more dramatic appearance. If you've never tried black sesame seeds before, they are not all that different in taste, except they have a slightly more earthy note to them.

Once they go into the hot skillet, don't stray from the stove as the little guys cook in a flash, taking only one or two minutes per side. Because we had a mess of shrimp to cook and we didn't want to crowd the skillet, we did cook these in two batches. When the second batch was out, we started the lip-smacking sauce by tossing in fresh orange juice, a generous splash of dry sherry, a couple glugs from our bottle of soy sauce and a pinch of sugar to balance.

When the sauce had reduced and thickened slightly, we added the shrimp back in to thoroughly coat and warm through. Served over a bed of nutty brown basmati rice, cooked using our favorite no-fuss method, we added a bit of freshness to the plates with a sprinkling of thinly sliced scallion on top. With their ethereal-like crust and wicked orange sauce, it wasn't long before out plates were barren and we both went back to finish off the rest.

As I have some free time tomorrow morning, I think my plan is to run over to the market, pick up more shrimp and since this was done in less than than half an hour, make it for lunch tomorrow! This time though, I think we'll be having a salad of steamed snow peas on the side, drizzled with a touch of toasted sesame out, to try and hold us over from eating the entire skillet-full again!


  1. Mouthwatering AND superfast prep. Perfect combo! Thank you, Pam