Friday, January 08, 2010

Egg and Pepperoni Breakfast Pizza

We are finally getting back into the groove of new Friday Pizza Nights (well, we actually did make pizzas on a couple of those Fridays that we missed, but they were requested repeats from Jeff) and the one we made this evening, Egg and Pepperoni Breakfast Pizza, will make for a rockin' meal tomorrow morning with the leftovers!

The eggs will be going onto the pizza pretty much completely cooked, which means we needed to work on the crust before we touched anything else. Because there was going to be ample toppings place on top of our ever-beloved, pantry-staple whole-wheat pizza dough we typically use as our base, we gave the crust a thick rim by flipping a small bit of the dough around the edge onto itself and pressing down firmly once we scooted it onto our handy wooden pizza peel.

Because the dough needs to be baked through naked, I do suggest taking a fork and docking the dough to prevent the center from bubbling up, leaving you with a level base to work with. For the egg-y topping, we whisked together eggs, a combination of whole eggs and whites, with a heavy splash of milk and seasoned the mix lightly with salt and fresh ground black pepper. The pepperoni, turkey in this case (you can use regular if you like, turkey just isn't as greasy), was also stirred in, along with a few tablespoons of thinly sliced scallions. Poured into a gently heated skillet kissed with melted butter, the eggs should be cooked until they just begin to firm up, but are still very moist - not runny per se, but realize they will cook a touch more.

A thin layer of a homemade pizza sauce was smeared over the baked crust just before we arranged the scrambled eggs on top. A touch of sharp Asiago cheese was then added, along with plenty of shredded mozzarella cheese for that gooey finish. We didn't have any fresh basil, which would have been a nice contrasting pop of color to toss on after it was baked, but we still wanted that licorice-y note. Thankfully we keep our spice rack well supplied, we were able to pull out a jar of the dried version and sprinkled on a couple pinches.

The assembled pizza only needs to go in for a final blast of heat to melt the cheeses and bring the eggs back up to temperature, which took a short three to five minutes. Jeff and I quite liked the pepperoni in this not only because it brought a meaty edge, but it also accented the soft eggs with a token of spice. If you only like your eggs especially wet, do note that the eggs continue to cook slightly and end up fairly firm, but neither of us felt they were too dry or rubbery in the slightest. A fun and different pizza indeed and not one ounce of guilt for eating the leftovers for breakfast!.


  1. I make breakfast pizza with eggs, bacon and or sausage. I top with cheddar cheese usually, sprinkle of italian seasoning and chopped tomato. My kids LOVE this!

    The possibilities are endless. I could see a mexican pizza with eggs, chorizo, chilies or jalepenos. MMMMM

  2. Sophie - Thanks!

    Anne - That version sounds great to me!

  3. What an awesome idea! I like breakfast. I like pizza. i like breakfast for dinner. etcetc. =)

  4. I thought the pizza looked really good, but I think the spaghetti sauce kind of made it a little odd. I think instead of putting red sauce, put down a white country gravy. I love that over scrambled eggs. I think that would make it more breakfasty!!

  5. Michele - Jeff thought marinara would be a little odd at first, but he dug it! I'd love to know how the gravy works though!