Saturday, August 28, 2010

Today... in pictures.

Besides family, when we moved out to North Carolina, one thing we knew we were going to miss was the yearly tradition of going apple picking. You've read about our trips before and how much fun we had on them! After snooping around though, we found that there are several apple orchards just a scant two hour drive from our new house here in Charlotte - score! Usually, we would have to wait until late September or early October back in Minnesota for picking, but here? The apples are ready, now!

Here is one we went to today... Sky Top Orchards, located in Flat Rock.

Upon getting out of the car, you had a sign with rules... I guess they had problems with apple throwing in the past?

The next item we came across before we ventured out into the trees was this fun bell... you can hear the bong it made from a fair distance!

Isn't the grove beautiful?

Here's Gus and I with an empty bucket - you can see I'm intent on filling it up!

They had many other fruit here other than apples, including peaches and these fantastic grapes...

Also, animals were abound and Gus couldn't get enough of this one!

One container filled, with Honeycrisp apples - go us!

Oh, and if you're wondering about my feet, what's covering them would be these...

They are called Vibram Five Fingers - I'm transitioning to barefoot running and these are the closest you can get to being barefoot, but still have your feet somewhat protected! I'm running barefoot, but use these for errands and whatnot. You may not think so at first, but I have to say, these are so much more comfortable than shoes EVER were for me. My knees have thanked me too. They are definitely also a conversation starter!

Once we had the car packed up, we headed into the shop to browse some more when we came across this...
Gus's short-haired twin! Crazy! They had never seen another one that looked like their pup.

We went back out to look around since the apples were in the car and Gus wouldn't cooperate when Jeff got his picture taken - see him hiding in the corner?

However, he was fine with me when we were at the top, overlooking the lovely view! Guess he picked his favorite... hee hee!

All said and done, we picked just shy of 30 pounds (coming to just about $1 a pound, by the way), with the majority of them being Golden Delicious, Fuji and Honeycrisp.

While we still miss being able to pick with our family, it looks like we may have just started our own new tradition out here!


  1. What a great find down south! Though this year the apples up here are going to be ready in September. We're already starting to pick them off of our tree and it's not even the end of August!

    Can't wait to see what goodies will come of those delicious red orbs.

  2. Love apple picking time!! We'll be going soon - Fujis and Honeycrisps are the faves...enjoy your bounty!

  3. I just bought some Cortland apples from the Farmer's Market in Saxapahaw, NC. I was surprised they were ready so early as I'm used to them ripening later in Massachusetts where we moved from.

  4. What a fantastic post!! I have to admit that I have never gone apple picking... but it just sounds like a wonderful day. I'm eager to see what apple concoction you produce first!

    On a side note, my neighbor's daschund just had puppies! They are 3 weeks old and now have their eyes open, the 4 pups are just a little over 1 pound. Absolutely adorable! We got to hold them today!

  5. omg ..look at him next to the basket of apples!!! he's posing as if hes the one that did all the picking!
    looks like you had a great day!
    enjoy! Diane

  6. You should be finding some sweaome peaches in N.C. now. I bought a basket a couple weeks ago. I noticed apples were showing up at our farmer's market in Knoxville.

  7. Good choice with the honeycrisp apples. I love their crispness and sweetnes. We don't get those for at least another month in NY. Thanks for the preview. Interesting to hear about those shoes, and that your knees feel better.

  8. I am surprised they have honeycrisps out there--what a great find! I just got some zestar from the Minneapolis farmers market, but the honeycrisps are not quite ready yet. I am headed to the orchards as soon as they are!


  9. Glad you found such a cool you-pick place. Looks beautiful. And meeting Gus's short-haired twin just puts the final seal of approval on it.

    We went looking for apples yesterday, and found a nice orchard that also has peaches and cherries. Too late for the cherries this year, but I'm definitely planning to go back for them next year. We've actually never picked our own apples, but this place offers it, and I wanted to scope it out before bringing some friends along to pick. I'm looking forward to fall! Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  10. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful. Wonderful. Gorgeous. Whatever. The point is: What are you going to make? ;-)

    Glad you're settling in!

  11. I've never been to a 'pick it yourself' apple orchard, but I have done blackberries, which is a lot less fun than apple picking seems to be. You guys are all smiles at the end, we were all miserable with raw, blue fingers.

  12. COlor me jealous! 30 lbs? So what are you going to make with them?

    And I tried on the Vibrams. I just can't see running in them! Of course, my 2nd toe is longer than my first, so....they weren't comfortable.

  13. I'm not sure what we'll end up doing with them, but we have plenty to eat until we figure it out! We had such a fun day!

  14. Adorable. Love the pictures with the pooch. I'm in the mood for apple picking already. Not sure if it is too early here (chicago) but have thinking it would be fun to go out labor day weekend.

  15. My son-in-law has shoes like yours and I saw a detective on tv running a marathon in them, so I was so happy to see you have those "funny looking shoes", too.

    The apples look delicious. Can't wait to see how you use them.

  16. Honeycrisps for $1 a pound? You're one lucky guy! Although we're seeing early Galas here in NY.