Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween madness...

With Halloween right around the corner, I asked Jeff what he would like to bring in for the Weekly Wednesday Treat Day. I had an inkling of what he was going to suggest, but I thought he might spring for a new goodie this year - nope, he didn't even hesitate when "Butterfinger Eyeballs" blurted out of his mouth.

They are a bit labor intensive, but they always go over well and since we haven't made them for his new co-workers before, I followed through on his wishes. I didn't have much luck finding regular red gel coloring this time, so we went with what we found.... sparkle gel! What, don't bloodshot eyeballs deserve a little fancy treatment too? If you still haven't tried them, what are you waiting for? Grab a jar of peanut butter, a bag of confectioners' sugar and start chopping up bars of crunchy Butterfinger bars (saving yourself a couple, of course!) and get these made - you still have plenty of time!

Since there isn't much to talk about, we thought it would be nice to post some past Halloween favorites! Maybe we can inspire you to get yourself in the kitchen and create a new tradition!

Remember this?

Our pumpkin pizza of 2008! Definitely fun for the little ones to not only help assemble, but eat!

A few years ago, we took our favorite outrageous brownie recipe and made with festive by using those orange Oreo's!

It may not scream Halloween, but you could always stamp them out in ghoulish shapes with a cookie cutter!

Last year we brought in those brain cupcakes for treat day.

Who knew brains would could be so tasty?

Don't forget about the other pizza we made!

Candy Corn Pizza! Never fear, there are no sweet candies in this pie - just a mess of cheese and pizza sauce!

Happy Halloween!


  1. I am so doing that candy corn pizza for Halloween! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Never show those great things to my children!! They could ask me for and I am sure I AM NOT able to reach your results....;-)
    Great job!!

  3. Fun post. I've got to try those Butterfinger eyeballs!

  4. Thanks for the pizza ideas. Now I know what to have for dinner at Halloween. I don't have any kids at home so my husband will be entertained.

  5. That pumpkin pizza is a happening thing here this year...teen boys surely will enjoy that bit of fun and frivolity now that their costume days are apparently over for a bit.

  6. What a nice recap on the halloween treats. Very creative too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Eyeballs with bling!!! Love it! I'm actually headed to a Halloween party on Sat, I think I just might make these, and I like the sparkle gel. Will have to see if I can find that today.
    I remember those brownies! Didn't make them ever, but I did print out the recipe and still have it somewhere. Glad you reminded me... thanks Joe!

  8. Tracy - hee hee! We thought it was such a fun idea.

    Fataricotta - There is nothing too hard about any of those treats!

    Katrina - Let us know if you try!

    Christina - Enjoy!

    Mags - Thanks!

    Kayte - Hope you like it!

    Crustabakes - Thank you!

    Kim - Silly! You have to give the brownies a try already!

    Beth - Thank you!

  9. Joe, please extend a thanks to Jeff for the eyeball suggestion! As a last minute decision when I realized I had all the ingredients (had to dig through the Halloween candy we were giving out and luckily had 10 mini butterfingers!). My son helped dip, which was good as I probably didn't freeze them quite long enough and they turned out great. These will be a repeater! May turn them into some sort of Christmas treat as well with how popular they were.
    Thanks again!

  10. Kim - We've made them over Christmas time too! It's always fun to change up the decorations!