Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last treat day of 2010...

We've been in the thralls of our annual Holiday Baking Spree these past few days and have brought all the packages to the post office or delivered the goodie platters to the neighbors today. I'm darn exhausted, the kitchen is an enormous disaster area (let's hope no one rings the door bell for a couple days) and our pantry is sucked dry of its pounds of flour, sugar and obnoxious amount of butter we stocked up on.

It will take me a couple days to get the post up of what we managed to send out this year - I'm aiming for Thursday evening as Friday is going to be an interesting, crazy and long day (more on this later).

I didn't forget about Wednesday Treat Day either, especially since this will be the last one of 2010 for us. There was no way I was going to fit in another recipe, so Jeff and I decided to just make another slab of that scandalous Almond Roca - what's another pound of butter anyway?

Break out those candy thermometers and get a pot of this going for your own holiday trays - your family and friends will thank (or curse... depending!) you.


  1. I am off to find my candy thermometer. This looks so good.

  2. WowEEEEEE that looks insanely good! x x

  3. I hear you on the disaster kitchen post baking spree. My kitchen is spotless right now, but only because I have done zero holiday baking. I think that is going to change this weekend.

  4. Can't wait. I've been baking a lot and I wish I had a full time person that could clean behind me.

  5. I've been baking loads, and this pound of butter is tempting me to bake some more. Sounds delicious!

  6. Felice - Let us know how it comes out!

    Tam - Yeah!

    Kelly - I've finally gotten everything back in order!

    Helene - I know that feeling well.

    Deeba - Give it a try!