Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chocolate Cookies n’ Cream Cookies...

Jeff requested cookies for this week's Wednesday Treat Day, but he couldn't nail down just which kind he wanted. While some variety of chocolate chip, sugar or oatmeal cookies all sounded good, none of them really grabbed our attention. That is, until the clouds parted and Nicole from Baking Bites came through with yet another winning recipe from the substantial list on her site - these Chocolate Cookies n’ Cream Cookies.

The dough for these cookies is rich with cocoa powder, butter, two types of sugar (brown and granulated) and plenty of mix-ins. You can use either natural cocoa powder or Dutch - I decided to go with a combination of both just for added interest, but pick one or the other if you like.

Those mix-ins I mentioned? Bittersweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and an ample amount of those ever-loved, hard-to-resist, cream-stuffed chocolate cookies.

Yes, plenty of chopped Oreo cookies are stirred right into the cookie dough! Resist the temptation to dump all these ingredients in and use your mixer to blend them in - use a sturdy wooden spoon as the mixer may break up the cookies a bit too much and you'd miss out on those crunchy Oreo nuggets.

We mixed, scooped and baked the dough in succession, making for mounds of cookies in short order. I'm sure you could prepare the dough ahead of time and chill it if you'd like, but we didn't find it necessary. The cookies seemed to spread enough, yet not so much that you end up with thin, flat rounds. With crisp edges around the outer ring, the closer you get to the chunky center, the more soft and chewy the cookies become - one of my favorite mix of textures for a cookie!

The combination of the bolder bittersweet pieces, the more sweet, creamy white chocolate and Oreo pieces definitely knocked these jam-packed cookies out of the park - now we just need to get them into the office before Jeff changes his mind and keeps them all!



  1. Ohh, these look amazing. I actually made something similar recently - Oreos wrapped inside a chocolate chip cookie. They were great. These look very similar, I think I'll have to try them out soon. Thanks!

  2. I love chocolate chocolate chip cookies and white chocolate... so making oreos into homemade cookies sound amazing!

  3. Michelle - Sounds like a good cookie to me!

    Sammie - They were a fun way to smash one cookie into another!

  4. These look aamzing, Joe! Can't wait to make them.