Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Double-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies...

More cookies for the Weekly Wednesday Treat Day! This time, we made these exquisite flower-shaped Double-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.

While this recipe was labeled double-chocolate, there are actually a few types used - Dutch-process cocoa powder in the rich cookie dough and a drizzle of melted bittersweet on top of the cookies, along with dark and milk chocolate in the filling. Bittersweet (sometimes closer to semi-sweet, depending on brand) and dark chocolate can be fairly similar - we used a bittersweet that was around 62% cocoa, while the bar of dark was just over 70%.

You will notice in the ingredient list that I called for "ground toasted almonds" - I used whole almonds that I first toasted, then cooled completely and whirled them around in the bowl of our food processor. You can use already ground almonds if you have them handy and toast them or not - I wanted the nuttiness of the almonds to stand up to par against the chocolate, rather than get lost in the background.

Besides those almonds to perk up the dark dough, a hint of cinnamon and a small scoop of instant espresso power are mixed in. This duo should be not as upfront as those almonds though - the cinnamon is very subtle, while the espresso powder is only there to heighten the chocolate and not give it a coffee flavor. You will need to work with the dough well chilled before rolling, then give the cut-out shapes a trip through the freezer to firm back up before baking - be sure to plan enough time for these steps. We used a flower shaped cutter (hello Spring!), but of course use whatever shape suits your fancy.

After the cookies have been baked and cooled, the ones with the punched-out centers (couldn't resist using a heart for this!) are drizzled with the melted bittersweet chocolate, then left alone to set. While they rested, the silky smooth ganache filling was made using the two chocolates mentioned above, a generous splash of cream, a nob of butter for shine and a small pinch of salt. Make the filling as soon as you intend to use it to slather over the bottom halves of the cookie sandwiches - it is easier to maneuver while warm (it will set as it cools) and will help anchor the top halves as they cement together.

Two crisp, but not too crunchy, dark cookies, with an outrageous chocolate filling in between, these sandwiches are a chocolate lover's dream in a tidy hand-held package - will you be able to stop at just one? I know I couldn't! The ganache centers may even be stiff enough that if you placed a lollipop stick in the middle while sandwiching, you could "plant" these in a pot for a swanky presentation - I didn't test this though!


  1. How cute and YUMMY those look!

  2. Do you think these would last for a while without getting "soggy" due to the filling? I make "fancier" cookies for special occassions and thought they may be good for Christmas.

  3. Katrina - Thanks!

    CLS - 36 hours later, we found the cookies a bit softer, but not soggy in the least. They still had plenty of bite to them.

  4. Those are sooo pretty. I'm impressed. I'm usually happy when my food tastes good, looking good is not my forte!