Friday, August 16, 2013

Around the farm...

We've been here two weeks and have been loving our new little rural plot - the quietness is both strange and comforting. We finally have internet hooked up and a little dish pointed to the south brings us way too many channels that we'll never have time to watch.

What we don't have? Any of our belongings from California. Yep... perhaps the air mattress will be burned after we have the house set up with our goods - I'm that tired of it. The items have at least been loaded on a big truck, yet at last check, said truck was still in CA. Oh joy!

The pups have been settling in well - they can't get enough of their grassy open range to pounce around in. This was Gus today, having a rest in the grass.

Dora, on the other hand, was distracted by a squirrel she is desperate to catch, instead of paying any attention to us. Thankfully the squirrel is quite the speedy little devil.

Mom pointed out the other day that, surprise, we have a special tree in our yard! We've driven and walked passed it several times and just never noticed.

Sweet! Look at those apples! Not sure what variety they are, but we can't wait to snag one off in a few weeks and see for ourselves.

There is another tree that is rather intriguing (Green Bean tree anyone?) in our yard...

I believe it is some variation of Catalpa, though not certain about that. I do think this one is going to become our enemy once fall comes and those thousands of long pods turn black, shrivel up and drift to the ground. Fun times!

I've even managed to get a couple of sweets made and photographed! One was this scratch German Chocolate Cake I made for my sister's birthday. I did have to drive over to Mom's place to make it since we have no equiptment here to make anything! This cake was spot on and one we'll make again.

Then, the other day, we plucked a bunch of blueberries from Mom's farm - with a little elbow grease, I was able to finagle these Blueberry-Lemon Cheesecake Bars at our house with the help of a sturdy wooden spoon, a large bowl and a foil pan. Fresh blueberries, a lemon-y cheesecake and a sweet graham cracker crust? Can't go wrong there!

Between working around our place, helping Mom at the farm and at the twice weekly Farmers' Market in town, we have been keeping ourselves busy. My plan is to take a few pictures of both Mom's farm and the Farmers' Market this week to give you another peek into our new life!


  1. Congratulations on a *mostly* successful move back to MN. So very sorry to hear your stuff is still in CA.

    Your 'bean tree' is a Catalpa. Latin is Catalpa speciosa - noting that it's the northern variety. Catalpa is the common name. And yeah, you're going to have fun with those pods come fall. :)

    I've missed the recipes and updates. Thanks for posting again!

  2. Your new life sounds wonderful and I'm sure things will be even better when your furniture arrives. I LOVE your doggie's blue eyes...just precious!

  3. that's definitely a Catalpa.

  4. I would go crazy without all my stuff for that long. Sounds like you're making the best of it. Happy to see you post some yummy things you've made.
    So fun to see your doggies, too.

  5. What a long time to wait for your things to catch up with you! The pups look like the rural life agrees with them for certain!!