Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good sandwich... but needs a little more

We are progressing well through all the recipes we are making to send out as gifts this year. We will do what we did last year - post which recipes we made and talk about them early next week when we send out the packages! Although, if Jeff does not stop his "quality control" soon, we may have to remake a few recipes!

Tonight's dinner, Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, is an updated healthier version of a classic deli sandwich. Instead of a heavy breading, the flattened chicken breasts are coated in a lighter mixture of flour and seasonings. Before cooking the chicken, a mound of fresh baby spinach is cooked down and wilted. The spinach is removed and the chicken is then cooked in the same pan, in a couple batches, until golden and almost cooked through. The chicken is then placed on a baking sheet, smothered with spinach, marinara sauce, sharp Parmesan and shredded mozzarella. To finish cooking, they go under the broiler until the cheese bubbles and melts - just enough time to cook the chicken all the way through. I served them on our favorite hamburger buns - though, it did make the large bun look a little small! This was a good juicy sandwich and while it is a hearty portion, I think I would prefer a little more flavor in the coating of the chicken. Maybe some shredded Parmesan mixed in with the flour? I would also use a bit more oil in the initial cooking of the chicken to allow the crust to cook more evenly.


  1. Yummmm....those look so good. Chicken parmesan is on of my favorites and the added spinach just looks fabulous!

  2. These look scrumptious, but if you really think they need a bit more... last night I made crab cakes using a Jacques Pepin recipe that calls for grinding a few almonds with the bread crumb coating. The almonds add a savory note without overwhelming the other flavors. As we ate, I was thinking the coating would be excellent for chicken, too.

  3. Quality is job 1, you know....

  4. Joe have you tried Giada's Chicken Parmesan? She uses herbs infused in olive oil to season the chicken instead of a breadcrumb coating, and it makes the best chicken parm- I'll have to remember to turn it into a sandwich sometime for Andy.

  5. Tammy - Thanks!

    Renee - Oooh! Almonds would be nice!

    Erika - I'll have to look it up!