Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's that time of the year....

What's that aroma in the house? No... it is not the rich smell of Christmas cookies baking away, not yet anyway as we had another project that needed our attention!

It is the sweet pine smell from our fresh tree slowly wafting through each room in the house! It has been more than a few years since we have had a real tree - we just started using an artificial one for ease. We actually went out to a local tree farm, with saw in hand, and chopped down the Fraser Fir tree now standing in front of our bay window! Yes, it is still quite naked - we will put on the lights and decorate here and there during the next week.

Which one do you like to put up - real or artificial? We always had a real tree growing up - Mom would not have it any other way, so it sure brought back a bunch of memories!


  1. When we stay in DC for the holidays we get a real tree. Love the smell of a fresh pine tree. (Plus even if we wanted to use a fake tree, we don't have enough storage space for one)

    This year since we're heading to my family's place in TN, no tree, only a few decorations around the house.

  2. I live in a tropical country so there aren't any fresh pine trees for sale during Christmas time. I would LOVE to have a real tree someday though. I can only imagine the scent of your home.

  3. Real tree here. :)

    We usually wait another week or so to get ours - we're always afraid it will dry out too much before Christmas.

    I'd like to cut one down, but not sure where to go - it's so rural here, there must be someplace nearby!

    We'll have to get a fairly small one this year - the rooms in this house are on the small side..........

  4. I'm from Germany and we've always had a real tree. But then I guess that in Germany (and probably all Europe) fake trees are fare less common. I don't think I would be happy with a fake one, since I love the smell of the fresh tree and how the needles feel cool to the touch

  5. I never had a real tree until adulthood. Now it would never be the same without a real tree!

  6. Live tree is our tradition. At one time we would cut a live tree down ourselves but now we go to a locate place that cuts it for us.

  7. We always used a fake tree although we did move into our house last year and bought a root-ball tree that we planted outside. It weighed more than 250 pounds and I scratched the floor removing it. It now lives at the end of the yard and looks very sad. Not sure if it will make it another year. We now have two fake trees.