Sunday, January 21, 2007

It may not be much, but it is a start!

Here we are on January 21st and it is finally snowing more than one or two flurries! I think Spike might pass out from excitement!

Now, we can't get too excited as they are only calling for maybe an inch, but at least it is something! If it is going to be this chilly, I would rather see some white outside, rather than the dingy brown grass!

Before we went out grocery shopping this morning, I wanted to make a warm and hearty breakfast that didn't take a lot of time to throw together. While we do quite like waffles or pancakes, I went for something that would be a little different and made a Ranchero Frittata.

Frittata's are fantastic vehicles for those bits and pieces of ingredients laying around waiting to be used up or tossed. In this recipe, chopped onions and juicy halved cherry tomatoes are cooked in olive oil until the onions soften. Eggs and egg whites are whisked together with parsley - this is then stirred into the tomato and onion mixture with a couple chopped jalapeƱo peppers for a southwestern flare. Crumbled soft goat cheese is then scattered over the top and the mixture cooks, covered, until the eggs are just beginning to set. A quick trip under the broiler will finish the eggs off and give the top a gorgeous brown color. We loved the tang the goat cheese with the mild heat from the jalapeƱos added to the creamy eggs - Jeff said the only downside was that it had a slightly too onion-y flavor for him. We choose to serve some quickly warmed black beans seasoned simply with salt and pepper on the side.


  1. Hi Joe. We finally got our first light covering too. Bailey was also very excited - he came in all charged up!

    I can't say as I've missed the snow this year though - it's allowed me to walk Bailey a lot more and now that we live in a hilly neighborhood in the country, getting in and out is a lot more difficult. Indiana was so flat, getting out was rarely a problem! :)

    Still, it's pretty and I do like at least one good snow fall.

  2. Alysha - I'm just tired of it being cold... if it is going to be cold, there might as well be snow!