Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not only in the morning...

One thing we don't do often enough is breakfast for dinner... it is a fun way to change things up and have something a bit different. Instead of a plain buttermilk pancake (which certainly has its place), we choose to liven things up with coconut in this recipe for Double Coconut Pancakes.

Two shots of coconut flavor come in the form of using coconut milk for the liquid and adding sweetened flaked coconut to the batter. The original recipe didn't call for it, but I toasted the coconut flakes for texture and to add a different depth of flavor. Since we used light coconut milk, the coconut flavor is mild and does not overwhelm the light golden pancake - however, it did seem to weigh them down a bit. I don't think I would describe them as dense, but they are not quite light and fluffy either. They are somewhat sweet on their own, so instead of dousing them in warm thick maple syrup, we heated up some leftover wild blueberry preserves for a gentle glaze. Jeff and I loved the mellow coconut paired with the fruity blueberries - a delicate treat for dinner.

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