Friday, April 27, 2007

Eggcellent twist...

Another weekend is quickly approaching and we will hopefully get caught up on a bunch of errands that have been nagging at us since we've been sick. There's a new organic market opening up tomorrow that we are going to try and sneak into in the morning - I've never heard of it, but I guess they have a few stores closer to the DC area. More on this later if the store is any good!

We go through quite a lot of eggs from all the baking we do and we also tend to use them in some form for breakfast. Sometimes we buy eggs from the farmer behind us with the Alpacas, but we usually end up buying the 5 dozen packs they sell at Costco. We'll have to pick up another pack this weekend as we almost used the last of them in tonight's dinner of Egg Salad BLTs. What I liked about this dish is that it came across much lighter with nice tang from the sour cream. Along with using light mayonnaise, two yolks from the eight eggs are removed to reduce the calories a bit - but since you're still using 6 yolks, it doesn't lose that rich mouth feel. A quarter teaspoon of lemon zest brought just enough lemon to taste, but not too much to distract from the other flavors.

The base and top of the sandwich are toasted slices of hearty whole wheat bread and are filled with the egg salad, crisp salty bacon slices, juicy red tomatoes and a couple crisp lettuce leaves. We both really enjoyed this refreshing take on BLTs and since you could prepare most of the ingredients ahead of time and keep them separate, I think this would be great for a delicious lunch that would just take a couple minutes to toss together.


  1. Simple yet delicious...
    You just can't beat a sandwich like this.

  2. Lauren - It was My Organic Market!

    Emilie - So true!