Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tacos with an Asian flare...

We've had a busy past couple of days in the kitchen, so I decided to take it easy tonight with dinner. This weekend when I was checking out how well we were stocked, I noticed we had a pretty large cut of flank steak in the freezer. I took it out last night and we ended up using just over half of it with tonight's dish of Thai Beef Tacos with Lime-Cilantro Slaw.

Even though the flank steak needs to marinate for about 20 minutes, this recipe comes together quite fast once the prep work is done. If you go to make these Asian flavored tacos, you will notice that there are similar ingredients in both the marinade and the dressing for the slaw - be sure to do the measuring and chopping of them at the same time so you don't prep the same things twice. For an extra crunchy slaw, I used a packaged broccoli slaw, instead of the suggested angel hair mix - I've been using it a lot lately and love the crisp texture it adds. The slaw is dressed in a sweet, salty and tangy mixture of fresh lime juice, sugar, rice wine vinegar, ginger, fish sauce, chili garlic sauce and minced garlic. Once the flank steak is cooked and cooled a bit, it is thinly sliced (across the grain please!) and placed along side the slaw mixture in soft flour tortillas. While we normally go for corn tortillas, we found these to be superior as they are thicker and held up much better as the slaw mixture is quite juicy. These were bright, crunchy, pretty healthy and you get a generous amount - two were satisfying enough with a side of baked soy crisps.

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