Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'll close my eyes and pretend I'm on an island while I eat these...

If you've looked in the baked goods section to the left, you have probably noticed we tend to make a lot of muffins. I've said it before, but muffins usually freeze well and they are great to have on hand in the freezer for an on-the-go snack. Jeff ravaged through the freezer the other day to find we had no more... so when I woke up extra early this morning, I figured I might as well throw together a fresh batch for breakfast and stash the rest in the freezer.

These Tropical Banana Cream Muffins have a slightly different method to them as the eggs are beaten until frothy and they are then mixed with brown sugar, sour cream and mashed riped bananas. To add a taste of the tropics, fresh lime zest and lime juice are also added into the mixture. Once the wet ingredients are folded into the dry and the batter is portioned out, each muffin is topped with sweet shredded coconut. With the use of sour cream, the muffins are moist, tender and have a mild twang to them. As they were baking, the smell of the white coconut toasting to a golden brown drifted into the kitchen and through the upstairs, waking Jeff up enough to come see what was coming from the oven! When I slowly opened the oven door to peak in and check for doneness, I was very happy to see how well they swelled into beautifully crowned muffins. While the lime flavor was subtle, it clearly matched well with the sweetness from the ripe bananas on first bite.


  1. I'll meet you on that island.

    I have a couple of banana that need to be used.

    Thanks for another great recipe, Joe.

  2. Oh yeah! Those sound like my kind of muffins! :0)

  3. Awesome sounding muffins. Can't wait to hear the news you've alluded to....

  4. Looks really yummy Joe!!
    I posted today about a recipe from the Whole Grain Book, take a peek at my blog Joe, you might like that one!!

  5. I am new to reading your blog. The picture of this muffin is beautiful. Looks like a great recipe for a Sunday treat tomorrow.

  6. I just happen to have ripe bananas (don't I always?!), and these are definitely going on the baking list this week.
    They look delicious.

  7. The muffins look great, and yes, I'm curious about your news.
    But I'm sure you will share at the proper time. Have a good weekend. :)

  8. Your muffin looks great, and such a lovely flavour combo.

  9. Carole - Hmm... as long as it has a well-stocked pantry and a good stove, I think we should go!

    Michele - Yeah!

    Anon - I hope to post about the news this week!

    Ana - Thanks! I'll check it out!

    Anj - Thank you!

    Helen - I always have ripe bananas in the freezer for times just like this!

    Emilie - Soon!

    Kelly-jane - we really liked the mild lime flavor, different and very good!