Saturday, May 12, 2007

We're not turning on the air conditioner yet, instead we just made a pie!

The heat and humidity has been on full force the past few days and we have been yearning for something chilly to cool us off at night. A couple days ago at the market, they had some fresh blackberries that looked irresistible - they called to me and would not let me leave the store without a couple packages in my basket. I didn't have a plan for them... until I came across a recipe last night for this Frozen Blackberry-Lemon Chiffon Pie. The best part? You don't have to turn on the oven!

On the bottom of this luscious pie, a buttery graham cracker mixture is pressed down to form a thick crust. Since this sweet treat is frozen, the directions don't call to bake the crust to crisp it up. So even though I followed the directions, I think it could benefit from a quick trip through the oven next time just to give it some texture (but then you would have to turn the oven on!) The pie is simply fresh blackberries and lemon juice that are pureed until smooth and then pressed through a sieve for an ultra silky texture. To add volume and body to the blackberry puree, egg whites are whisked to firm peaks, with the puree being folded in afterwards. Again, since this is not baked, the egg whites are beaten with a slow stream of boiling sugar syrup to gently cook them - this way there is no concern with using raw egg whites. Many times, these types of pies use gelatin to hold this mixture together - however, this pie does not which is why it must remain frozen.

With a light lavender color, each bite has a burst of fruity flavors that dance on the tongue - it is very light in texture and a perfect way to end a warm spring day. Since I made this last night, Jeff actually cut a piece this afternoon for "quality control"... we were suppose to try it after dinner tonight, but I ran to get my own slice after I took a bite from his! Keep in mind, this pie will soften if left out very long and almost begin to melt - it is best served right from the freezer. Oh and the grooves/indents around the edges? I was trying to be fancy and line the sides of the springform pan with wax paper to get a smooth finish - I guess it buckled when I was filling the pan... oh well!


  1. Gorgeous colour! I've never had a chiffon pie but I have something similar over here that works along the same lines. I love the flavour combinations!

  2. do you think i could leave out the lemon juice...?

  3. Joey - This is really gorgeous. I LOVE graham cracker crusts. The last time I used one was for a key lime pie, to which I added more lime than called for because I love its sharpness. Eric wasn't too impressed with it, but I loved it. Blackberries, however, Eric loves and they are in season in New Zealand, so I'll head off to get some later in the week...If only Eric were here, too...A fabulous-looking pie - really.

  4. Joe,
    This pie looks absolutely amazing. Wonder if I can use strawberries or raspberries? I am too lazy to run out to get blackberries.....

  5. very pretty, I could just eat some now!!

  6. Holy moly does this look good!

  7. Beautiful! Looks very refreshing too!

  8. This is so beautiful! Sounds like the perfect summer dessert.

  9. Wow...such a beautiful color! What an elegant dessert...but, then again, who would want to share it?!

  10. Hey Joe,
    Your slice of the chiffon pie looks impeccable. What did you use to slice it? Did you slice it frozen or at room temperature?Great job as always with the pie! Such a vivid color!!

  11. Look at the color of this pie!! It's stunning, Joe!

    I'm sure it tasted delicious too. :)

  12. Freya - Thanks! What are your favorite flavor combinations for this type of pie?

    Lex - I'm not sure what you would replace it with, is there a reason you don't want to use it?

    Shaun - Graham crusts are definitely a favorite around here.

    Novice - I don't see why not, I know a couple people have said they wanted to try it with raspberries!

    Jenny - Wish I could send you a slice, but it is all gone!

    Emilie - Thanks!

    Val - Thank you!

    Deborah - Certainly and it will for sure be made again as the weather grows warmer!

    Culinary Cowgirl - Thanks!

    Mary - I just used a sharp knife. It needs to stay frozen, but I was easily able to slice through it without even warming the knife up.

    Patricia - Thanks!

  13. I made this last night and will be eating after dinner (blackened tilapia, garlicy broccoli and cheddar biscuits).
    I used frozen triple berry blend and had to sub lime juice for part of the lemon, so I'm really hoping it comes out well. It looks lovely.

  14. Jennifer - I hope it turned out well!

  15. I am putting this on the summer recipes list! Looks beautiful, but I love pink...

  16. Helen - I'm anxious to make this again, we really enjoyed it!