Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cake for no reason...

Do you have to have an occasion to make a cake? I usually wait until one pops up since it is just us two here, but a cake sounded like a fun project today. I had a couple to choose from, but ended up deciding on a Lemon-Lime Layer Cake that looked too good to pass up!

Lemon-Lime Layer CakeThis double-citrus laced cake was packed with racy flavors and filled with a luscious cream cheese frosting dotted with bits of lime and lemon zest. The cake layers were a little on the thin side, but dividing the batter between two pans instead of having one thick cake makes assembly a lot easier. This way you start out with two even pieces rather than trying to carefully divide one large cake in half.

Lemon-Lime Layer CakeI sprayed my 9" pans with a baking spray that has flour added (I prefer Baker's Joy, but Pam with flour added has worked well for me before) and they popped right out, but if you have had problems with cakes sticking in the past, you may want to line the bottoms with parchment or wax paper. You can use wax paper without worrying that it will melt as the cake batter will keep it insulated enough.

Lemon-Lime Layer CakeWith lots of tangy buttermilk in the batter, the cake layers baked into moist golden rounds that were quite tender - however, they were sturdy enough that I could easily move them around without fear of them crumbling or breaking apart. The amount of frosting the recipe makes is on the skimpy side, so rather than try to put a paper thin coat on the whole cake, we decided to just use it as the filling and slather a generous layer on top.


  1. What a nice treat. I love cakes and don't need any reasons to bake them. Picture is nice.

  2. Occasion Schmasion.

    Sounds like a good cake, Joe.

    P.S. I found the caramel bits!

  3. This looks like a perfect cake for any time...:) Looks fab!

  4. Anna - Glad you found them! I need to do something with our stash now.

    Chris - Thanks!