Friday, October 26, 2007

Woo! It's new fridge time again!

We had quite an exciting day around here today... First, we spent most of our morning at the DMV - apparently if you leave the state and move back and it has been more than a year since your Minnesota license has expired, you have to re-take the written test! For as many times as we have moved, we've never had to do this in any other state. I don't know why, but we were pretty nervous and I swear I was going to fail because of it. Thankfully, we both passed with flying colors - I don't remember there being 37 questions when I took the test ages ago either!

If you remember, it was just a year plus a couple months ago that we got our new LG French door refrigerator when we were living out in Maryland. Sadly, we had to leave it behind when we moved and the new house in Minnesota came with a smallish side by side. Even though there are just two of us here, it seemed like it was constantly stuffed full and we had no room in it at all! We decided to head out on a whim and check out what was on the market now and came across a new Samsung French door at Lowes.

It had some of the similar features that we liked in the LG, except this one had water and crushed(!!!) ice in the door. We have seen other models that had ice in the door, but they didn't offer crushed. After getting a killer deal and having a 10% off coupon, we just couldn't pass it up and got one! We had it delivered today and I can't wait to have a ton of extra room again. Just in time for our upcoming Christmas baking spree!

We took it easy this evening and had a breakfast-for-dinner night with these simple, yet decadent Sausage, Egg and Cheese Turnovers. I know I'm behind the times... while we've worked with phyllo dough in the past, I've never actually used puff pastry before! This buttery dough was so easy to work with and I'm sure it will pop up now and again after using it tonight.

After a handful of chopped mild red onions are softened in a dab of butter, hot Italian turkey sausage is added in to crumble and brown. Once the spicy sausage is cooked, a mixture of eggs and egg whites is poured in and stirred to scramble the mixture - don't take this too far, you want the eggs to have cooked enough to have formed curds, but you want them to be still somewhat wet when you take it off the heat. They will continue to cook as they need to cool down and they will also cook a bit more once they are stuffed into the pastry. Before letting the scrambled egg and sausage combination cool down, a few chunks of softened cream cheese are stirred in to add a rich luscious texture. The original recipe has you divide the pastry into 4 sections, but we thought that was a bit much and divided it out into 6 instead. The cooled eggs are piled into the portions of pastry and sealed inside with a fork - once moved to the baking sheet, they are painted with an egg wash to help them achieve a lovely golden color as they bake. The flaky pastry puffs up and grows in size, so be sure to give them enough room on the baking sheet to expand. Such simple pleasures as diving through the crisp crust to expose the hidden creamy egg filling should be experienced more often in life - I know I can't wait to do it again tomorrow morning for breakfast!


  1. Hi, Joe!!! I love your new refrigerator. I'm going to check back with you in a month or two to see if you still love it because I'm sure I will have to buy a new refrigerator once I buy my new house. Hope you and Jeff have a nice weekend!!!

  2. Yum, breakfast is my favorite meal -- day or night. These look wonderful. Love the new addition to your kitchen too.

  3. I really like the new fridge. We are need a bigger one. I have two plus one fridge and use all of it. That breakfast for supper look really good.

  4. Joe, this does look like a great fridge. I have crushed ice in the door, and I LOVE it, especially for things like iced coffee. I'm laughing here because you say you "took it easy" when you only make one new recipe. I'm always amazed at how many new things you try!

  5. I totally LOVE your new fridge! And your breakfast looks very tasty to boot. :)

  6. I love using puff pastry like this. Your little pocket pastry browned up very nicely!

  7. New fridge....sweet. Looks like a beauty.

  8. Mindy - Feel free to e-mail with any questions!

    Anj - Thank you!

    Helene - We had an extra one in the garage out in Maryland and it was a life savor to store extra baking ingredients!

    Kalyn - hee hee, we do keep ourselves quite busy!

    Cindy - Thank you!

    Andy - That egg wash does the trick!

    Emilie - Thanks!

  9. Don't you LOVE your stainless steel French door fridge? I decided I had to splurge and be all superficial in getting one with our new place, and am soooo glad I did! I loooove it! I don't mind the occasional need to polish it nearly as much as people said I would, warning me about fingerprints, etc. Congrats on your new kitchen toy!

  10. oooooooo!!!! shiny! i love that fridge. i wish we had something decent in my house. :(

  11. Jeph - we completely love it... so much more room again!

    Barbie - maybe you will be able to upgrade soon? :)