Monday, March 03, 2008

Turkey and Leek Risotto...

You've heard me talk before about how we end up grinding our own meat to use when we need it - when we do poultry, I usually save the leftover bones or whatnot in the freezer and make stock with them a few times a year. I then keep 1 cup portions measured out in zip-loc bags and keep them frozen until needed - I used to do little tubs, but a couple years ago I started using the bags so I could lay them flat and use a lot less room.

I made a dent in my supply when I made tonight's dinner of Turkey and Leek Risotto. I wouldn't go all out to make stock just for this recipe, but it does help the flavor shine through. You could certainly use broth; however the flavor won't stand out as much.

Butter and olive oil are melted together to begin cooking a multitude of thinly sliced leeks. It took us about three large leeks to get the full 3 cups called for - once they had become tender, we removed them from the pan as they will be added back in later. The next layer of flavor begins with another knob of butter and drizzle of oil - this time mild shallots are added, followed by the starchy Arborio rice. As with most risotto recipes, when the rice has become slightly translucent, a good dose of dry white wine is stirred in and will be quickly consumed by the hungry rice.

Ladlefuls of the rich stock are stirred in about a half cup at a time, until most, if not all, of it has been used up. Once the rice had become tender, yet still retaining a bite in each grain, cooked chunks of turkey and the softened leeks are added back in to heat through. Right before serving, sharp pecorino Romano, a dash more salt and fresh ground black pepper season up this risotto. We used dried herbs, but if you have fresh handy, use 1 1/2 tablespoons of thyme and 1 tablespoon sage - just be sure to wait until the end to stir these in with the cheese. Creamy, satisfying and not too many add-ins allow the rice and stock to be the stars in this dish.


  1. Great dinner. I also like to have stock in the freezer. It's so convenient. I like the idea of ziploc to freeze the stock in it. I still use containers.

  2. Helene - it is a great way to keep them stored!