Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Whopper of a cookie...

A few days ago, Jeff asked if we could send out another package of goodies - I asked if he already had anything in mind and all he knew was he wanted cookies, chocolate cookies. One chocolate cookie came right into thought as I've been waiting for an excuse to make them.

You know from just a few posts ago that we both love goodies with malted milk and these Chocolate Malted Whopper Drops pack that malt flavor in two ways. It doesn't hurt that they are loaded with three types of chocolate either!

The dough for these drops contain a full cup of chocolate malted milk powder - I use the Carnation brand, but I've heard it can be hard to locate. You might have better luck finding Ovaltine, which will work just fine, however I find Carnation just has a better taste. Feel free to use whatever unsweetened cocoa powder you prefer - we used a Dutch-process cocoa for a smoother chocolate background. Natural would work just fine here, it just has a bit more bitter tone to it.

The next blast of malt in the cookies comes from a few ounces worth of chocolate malted milk balls - you know, those crunchy Whopper candies! You can work with them a few ways - coarsley chop them, crush them with a rolling pin to break them up or do as we did and just slice them in half for a more chunky texture. I actually made two batches of these cookies - both made the same, except one of them I used those new peanut butter coated Whoppers. Because they don't already have enough chocolate (!), a generous amount of chopped bittersweet pieces are also stirred into the dough.

Baked right after mixing, the cookies came out soft, sweet and chewy with a decidedly malty flavor. The Whopper pieces melt slightly and spread their goodness into large crispy pockets in the cookies so you get a little with each nibble you take. Eaten side by side, I could tell a difference between the two versions of the cookies, but the peanut butter itself was very mild and was masked by the more dominant malt. If malt is your thing, don't let this recipe pass you by - run out, grab a box of Whoppers and whip these up! Just don't eat all the candy before they hit the cookie dough!


  1. I love whoppers! May have to add these to my cookie list! Yum!

  2. Patsyk - they are a favorite candy around here and I couldn't resist the recipe when I saw they were included!

  3. Wow! I just made these today and they are wonderful. I think I'm falling in love with Dorie! Everything from that book is just wonderful! Mmmmm.

  4. Jenny - I know what you mean... this book is such a fantastic resource!