Friday, August 08, 2008

Eggs on toast... err I mean pizza!

Another Friday... and guess what I made for us? Yep, another pizza! Woo! Fourth in a row and Jeff couldn't be happier as he would eat pizza breakfast, noon and night if he could. Although, he was quite worried when I read off the title of this Egg, Ham and Spinach Pizza - I think that freaked him out a bit... hee hee!

Of course I threw together our favorite dough again - however, if you really don't feel like giving it a try (it is so easy though!), you could use one of those thin pre-baked crusts for this pie. Because the pizza was not going to take very long to cook the toppings, we did give the crust a head start on the stone so it wouldn't take long to get crispy once it was assembled.

A generous grassy layer of shredded tender baby spinach leaves went onto the crust, followed by a drizzle of olive, a light sprinkling of salt and fresh ground black pepper. Sliced prosciutto comes next - I know it is already quite salty, but with the amount of spinach used, I felt the need to lightly season it before continuing on. A shower of fresh grated asiago cheese is added along with three full cloves worth of thinly sliced garlic being sprinkled on top. Jeff was doing good up to here and then he cocked his eyebrow and said "Where the heck are those eggs you have on the counter going to go?". Without saying a word, I turned around, grabbed a ramekin, cracked the egg and just poured each golden yolk in its own little quadrant on the pizza! His only response was "I see...." - humph!

If you are worried about the whites running away from you, you could make a little nest in the layer of spinach to ensure it stays contained. I slid the full pizza back onto the stone and let it cook long enough just to set the whites, finish crisping the crust and let that luscious cheese melt. I thought this was excellent - the spinach wilts slightly, anchoring the pizza with an earthy feel, while the warmed prosciutto and garlic released their rampant flavor over the entire pie. The yolk was still soft enough to ooze, cutting the salty nature of the ingredients below it, as its golden richness flowed like a small stream on top. Jeff's reaction - Eggs on pizza? I'm in love!


  1. Aw geez, I'm a sucker for a runny yolk on anything - this looks amazing!

  2. Eggs and spinach together. Yum. Joe, I made your zucchini oven chips tonight; awesome! I linked to you on my blog when I wrote it up.

  3. I am absolutely loving your site!

  4. I want to deep some pizza on that runny yolk!

  5. Vicki - Thanks!

    Cyndi - Glad you liked those chips! Jeff is a big fan of those.

    Anon - Thank you!

    CC - Our tummies were quite happy when we were finished!

  6. Oh, I saw Ellie making this pizza on TV! I found it interesting and even my 6-year old said he would like to try! Guess I will be making some pizza here soon!
    The combo spinach + egg + cheese is always yummy!

  7. Ana - I hope you get a chance to make it soon!