Monday, July 13, 2009

Bacon-Chipotle Twice-Baked Potatoes

While I was preparing a main dish tonight that doesn't really have a recipe, I did make a new side to go along with that I can share.

Baked potatoes are always a hit around here, simply split and topped with a little butter, salt, fresh ground black pepper and sometimes with a dollop of tangy sour cream, so I knew these Bacon-Chipotle Twice-Baked Potatoes would definitely go over well.

Baked as you normally would, the potatoes are then cut in half with most of their fluffy insides being scooped out. I say most, because you want to leave a little rim of the potato flesh to help support the sides of the shell. The potato innards are then perked up with buttermilk, sharp white cheddar, scallions and one of my favorite spicy ingredients, chipotle chiles! I do suggest using a potato masher so you still retain some texture to the potatoes, but of course don't let that stop you from getting the potato filling as smooth as you want. Before we went to fill up the shells, we stirred in crispy crumbled bacon for a salty touch (and besides, bacon and potatoes go so well!)

After working with them so much, the potatoes have pretty much cooled down by now. To warm them back up, we placed the filled potato halves into a small baking dish, topped each with a bit more cheddar (love our cheese!) and placed the dish into the oven. If you knew you would be strapped for time, you could do most of this ahead and stash the assembled halves in the refrigerator - just add a few extra minutes to the baking time. Also, if you had a chance to make these ahead of time when you know you would be grilling out for dinner, they would a perfect choice to warm up on the grill instead of using the oven!

Smoky with a well-enjoyed burn, since you do already have bacon on the inside, you could leave out those chipotles if you can't stand their spicy bite. Or, perhaps, just toss in a bit of the adobo sauce they are packed in as a compromise! If I wasn't serving this as a side, I'd be quite tempted to have two portions of this and just call it dinner - carb-laden perhaps, but I know I would be satisfied!


  1. I could handle it for dinner! My dad used to make twice baked potatoes when I was a kid - I havent had them in YEARS!!! Now I will have to make them...

  2. Yuuuuum! Those look as good as they sound!

  3. I have a shower where I am making a couple of appetizers and this is a perfect idea! I can use baby potatoes and assemble it all ahead and just bake-off before serving. Now I have pepper bacon on hand so I might use that instead for a bit more kick, what do you think Joe?

  4. Sometimes I just can't say no to bacon.....

  5. Kim - Years? You have to change that!

    Jeph - THanks!

    TannyP - Give them a try!

    Realms - Sounds good to me!

    Quinn - Woo! Bacon eater!

  6. You had me at Bacon-Chipotle...

    ;) amy

  7. Calm - Hard to go wrong with bacon!