Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Snow Peas with Toasted Almonds

Just like that steak salad with snap peas, we prepared this Snow Peas with Toasted Almonds side dish a few weeks ago when we snatched the first harvest from our pea plants.

However, I just made this again tonight because they are giving us a second harvest (along with the snap peas!) and we couldn't pass up the chance to repeat it.

Instead of taking the sliced nuts and toasting this separately, we completed two tasks at once by tossing a knob of butter into a skillet and melting it down, along with the almonds, and letting them each turn golden and nutty. Before we get any further, I do have to say it is quite hard to go wrong with browned butter and with this alone as our starting off point, I knew this one wasn't going to disappoint.

Our trimmed snow peas and a touch of minced shallot, for its mild onion-y bite, were then stirred in and allowed to briefly cook to soften the shallot and heat the peas through. Just before serving, we refreshed the vegetable with a bright note by stirring in a splash of fresh lemon juice. Even though there was only six ingredients, including the salt to season, this quick, glistening vegetable side took a simple snow pea and elevated it with complex browned butter and toasted almonds. With the freshness dancing away in our mouths, this just reinforced the idea that less is more and it will be one of my fresh, go-to sides during the spring and summer seasons.


  1. I've cooked this twice. I used olive oil instead of butter. The first time I toasted the nuts in the skillet, but the second time, I toasted the nuts in the oven which worked out better for me. The first time I used both snow peas and the second time I used sugar snap peas - both are delicious. I'm going to add this to my Christmas menu.

  2. Anon - Glad to hear you made it work for you! Thanks for the feedback.