Friday, August 14, 2009

Avocado and Canadian Bacon Pizza

Jeff labeled tonight's Friday Night Pizza as strange and unusual... but, he thought it was so good he couldn't stop eating it. Jeff used to be strictly a pepperoni or sausage pizza kind of guy, but since we've been doing this weekly pizza night, we've broaden his horizons quite a bit! Still, I was a little undecided if I made the right choice when I picked out this Avocado and Canadian Bacon Pizza.

After I made the dough, which I did by using our favorite whole-wheat pizza dough recipe, and stretched it out after it rested sufficiently, I wanted to make sure the crust was going to hold up to the juicy toppings. Slipped onto our heated baking stone, we gave it a rough five minute naked head start to start crisping up the crust. Not enough time that the top took on any color, but enough that when you flip the crust over, you'll notice it has started turning golden in spots.

Since there was no "sauce" on this pizza, I gave the top a good brushing with olive oil, then seasoned it with dried basil and a bit of salt. We lined up dark red slices of fresh Roma tomatoes (again from our garden... they are finally ripening thanks to the 90 degree heat!) as the first layer on the crust, followed by a dusting of salt, fresh ground black pepper and diced pieces of Canadian bacon. Chunky cubes of avocado were then evenly distributed over the bacon, with a couple handfuls of mild Monterey Jack tossed on next for a cheesy finish.

I had thought about tossing the avocado with lime juice to help prevent any unattractive darkening, but completely forgot about it until after I put the cheese on... oops! However, even after being baked and sitting around while we ate our first slices, the leftover pieces didn't oxidize much at all - I wonder if that has something to do with cooking it? Roma tomatoes were our choice just because we had them from the garden, but use what you like - just try to aim for enough thin slices to cover the top of the crust.

With the seasoned crispy crust underneath, the smooth tomatoes and salty bacon contrasting with the rich creaminess in the avocado, I was completely taken with just how well these ingredients played together! As Jeff went back up to get himself an extra slice, he said "I'm sorry... this just seems so weird to me, but whatever... I have to have another just to prove to myself that this is as good as my taste buds tell me it is!".