Thursday, August 20, 2009

Creamy Avocado and Chickpea Wraps

If you happen to be looking for a healthy, veggie-friendly dish to serve for lunch or dinner, I hope you give these Creamy Avocado and Chickpea Wraps we made tonight a try! I actually had a different recipe planned for this evening, but we ended up having to be away from the house around dinnertime and since neither of us felt like eating out, I whipped up these wraps instead. I did them a couple hours ahead of time and held them in the refrigerator until we left.

While the original version of this has you use a creamier white bean, we both like a bit of textural contrast (Jeff especially), so I brought out some chickpeas I had in the pantry to swap in. Using our handy potato masher as our tool of choice, we mashed those chickpeas with a rich avocado (go as smooth or chunky as you like - just remember it needs to be spread over the tortillas!), then stirred in just a touch of red onion for bite and sharp white cheddar.

For some crunch inside the wrap, a colorful light slaw was created by tossing together firm shreds of red cabbage, strips of bright carrot and fresh cilantro. To bring the slaw together, it was drizzled with a tangy dressing of cider vinegar, canola oil and minced chipotle chile for a smoky edge with a slight spice. I used a ten-inch tortilla, which gave us a little more heft as a main dish, but I think it would fit just fine in an eight-inch if that's what you have.

I wondered if the wrap would end up a little soggy with the moist fillings, but even after sitting a few hours, that didn't seem to happen. However, as this made enough for four servings, I did keep the leftover filling separate from the tortillas and will assemble them for lunch tomorrow. They may have held up fine overnight, but I didn't want to take the chance. With no oven needed and not too much effort, this dish is a practical, simple meal that comes together in a hurry and won't heat up the house on those warm summer days!


  1. Ohhhh yum! I wonder if I could get the Mr to eat these =)
    Looks delicious

  2. Those sound fabulous! I love chickpeas and cilantro :-) All you have to do is take out the cheese and they are vegan--I will be trying these soon!


  3. I make a salad that has much of the same ingredients that went into your wrap! Now I have to try the mix in a wrap too.

  4. TannyP - Give it a try! You never know.

    Courtney - I know these will be on the menu again soon, here!

    Evolving - Enjoy!