Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Iced Butterscotch Brownies...

If you're ever on the hunt for a large pan of tasty bars that will feed a crowd, I hope you remember these Butterscotch Brownies With Brown Sugar Butter Icing... I know I will after throwing them together today for the Weekly Wednesday Treat Day goodie!

And by throwing them together, I mean exactly that - the baking (generous half-sheet!) pan was filled with the thick, brown sugar-engorged batter within ten minutes of bringing the mixer to the island! Just be sure to set the butter out to soften a bit first - you don't want it meltingly soft, but you should be able to make an indent with your finger without much effort. Now, if you are a nut fan, a couple cups of toasted chopped pecans or walnuts would make an excellent add-in to the batter for a contrasting bite - however, Jeff vetoed that idea as he wasn't sure if the majority of his co-workers are nut enthusiasts or not. I tried, especially since we are in the South now, but he wouldn't budge! Once you scoop the vanilla-laced batter into the pan, be sure to give the top a once over with a sturdy off-set spatula to even and smooth the batter.

Looks and smell work well for testing for doneness as the sugar-y aroma is powerful, but a trusty toothpick does the job if you second guess yourself. The bars will puff up as they bake, but you'll know when they are almost done when the batter begins to settle back down and take on a lovely golden shade. When you take them out from the oven, give them plenty of time to cool down before you even think of starting the frosting - they are fairly delicate while hot and the icing will stick and set best when they have cooled completely.

As the name implies, you'll find an ample supply of butter and moist brown sugar in the icing. Melted together into a bubbling, sticky pool of love, when those two ingredients are combined with confectioners' sugar, half-and-half and a liberal splash of vanilla, the dynamite icing is formed and will begin to set up quickly. You will have a few minutes to slather it over the bars, but don't dilly-dally trying to make it perfect or you may end up with a mess.

While I'm all for mile-high brownies, these bars are on the thin side and neither of us thought that was a bad thing as they are quite dense and rich with their butterscotch background. Besides, the almost equal-in-thickness insane addition of soft, fudge-like icing on top makes for quite the mouthful! However, if you do want some heftiness to them, cram the decadent batter into a 9" x 13" pan and extend the baking time. If you opt for that, I don't recommend piling on all of the frosting - either save it for scooping on graham crackers (not like I did that or anything... just sayin') or reduce the recipe to compensate.



  1. How have I never had butterscotch brownies before? They sound and look delicious! I'm definitely fine with the thin-ness :)

  2. Bathing suit season is at our doorstep...I don't know about eating this much decadence. Oh, alright...no need to twist ;o)
    Lately, I too have been on a butterscotch kick. I just finished making a great sauce topping blended with melasse...it was surprisingly very tasty. Soon, I'll be posting and ice-cream with what else ... Butterscotch. I guess all that's missing is your great brownie recipe;o)
    Thanks for sharing and flavourful wishes, Claudia

  3. These brownies look delicious! I bet Jeff's co-workers are really glad he has started working there!

  4. I love your photos. They pop off the page and have beautiful edges. How do you do that.

    I never pass up butterscotch. I'll have a brownie.

  5. Oooh, I'm bookmarking this one for family gatherings this summer- I always need to bring something new and exciting- and these look perfect!

  6. Wow--4 sticks of butter in the recipe?!? Those do sound rich and decadent! I hope they were well received at Jeff's new workplace!


  7. Foodessa - These were worth the extra minutes on the elliptical!

    Jackie - I hope so!

    Christina - Thanks! It's a basic option in the photo software we use.

    Erika - It's one I'll be keeping handy for big gatherings!

    Courtney - Yes... but, it is made in a super large pan and they can be cut smaller (not like I did though). Hee hee!

  8. Goodness, those look great. Love how perfectly cut they are.

  9. Katrina - Thanks!

    Medaille - Thank you!

    Crystal - I agree... they were crazy good, but I don't think I could eat them every day!

  10. My mom used to make a similar recipe when I was a kid, although she called them Penuche Butterscotch Brownies.

    Just looking at the photo makes my mouth water! Man, were those things *sweet*!

  11. My mom loves penuche -- these sound just about perfect for us to make on our mother-daughter beach vacation in Maine! Thanks again for another wonderful recipe. (DH and I are going to try the pasta broccoli casserole, too.)

  12. Bistro - Sweet, yes, but so good!

    AJ - Hope you enjoy both recipes!

  13. This looks divine! Can just imagine that butterscotch-y goodness...

  14. These look soo good. Love the uniformity you've achieved. I'll make these once I'm off my diet!

  15. I dated a boy when I was 18 and he took me to his family cabin for the weekend. His grandmother made these and I have never forgotten them. 18 years later, I finally found the recipe! Thank you! They are every bit as good as I remember them.