Tuesday, June 21, 2011

S'Mores Popcorn Balls...

I know we just did a S'mores-like work treat with those snazzy cookies back in May, but I couldn't help myself when I came across these S'Mores Popcorn Balls. I can't remember the last time I made (let alone eaten!) a popcorn ball, which was more than enough of an excuse to make these now instead of waiting a few more weeks. Already prepared packaged ones never really did it for me - they are usually a bit stale and rough, but fresh on the other hand is a whole other story! I'm sure Jeff's co-workers won't mind when we bring them in tomorrow for the Weekly Wednesday Treat Day!

You'll need 10 cups of popped popcorn to make these, which we got from using roughly 1/2 cup kernels, popping them the good 'ol fashioned way on the stove. How much oil you use is up to you - I drizzled in about 2 tablespoons, but you could get away with as little as one. You could also use more, but this is what worked for us.

Into those airy bites, we tossed in a handful of squishy miniature marshmallows and heaps of broken graham crackers. To be able to keep everything cohesive, make sure the crackers are not too large - think slightly smaller or the same size as the popcorn, about 1/2" in size. Either use a knife and hack away at the sheets (it will take about 8 to 10 rectangles for the amount needed) or use your hands to snap off small chunks. Rather than a bowl, combine the trio of ingredients in a large roasting pan if you have one - this will give you ample room to stir.

What holds the popcorn balls together? Instead of a boiled sugar syrup that you may be more accustomed to, these are made just like Rice Krispie Bars! Butter, marshmallows and a couple pinches of salt, all melted together, are first spiked with vanilla, then poured all over the popcorn concoction. Stirred to coat, leave the mixture be for a couple minutes so you don't burn your fingerprints off. As soon as it was comfortable, scoops of the popcorn were formed into tidy spheres - just be sure to keep your hands coated with cooking spray (or even better, a smear of butter!) to keep any stickiness to a minimum.

To fulfill the S'mores aspect, chocolate needs to make an appearance, right? Instead of working chunks or chips of chocolate into the mixture, each crunchy, yet easy-to-eat ball, is showered in a drizzle of melted bittersweet chocolate. If your kitchen is cool enough, you can keep these stored at room temperature for a day or so before they start to loose their crunch. I, however, don't have that ability today - not only is it a scorcher outside today (hurray for a recipe that doesn't heat up the oven!), inside the house isn't much cooler.

We are having work done on the master bathroom (which means the doors are being left open as they go in and out all day!), so I'll most likely need to keep the balls in the refrigerator to keep the chocolate firm. I also plan on wrapping each individually in either plastic wrap or dropping them into a cellophane bag.


  1. After 5 years as a Girl Scout Leader, I'm sort of over SMores. However!!! These look darn appealing! My daughter's birthday is coming up and this looks like it just might be the perfect treat! I'll bet everyone will love them.

  2. wow, this is stunning! This is great for give away. Perfect.

  3. As Kim said ...these do look like a great bday treat rather than cake. Although I love cake for special bdays my grandsons don't like cake but do Love popcorn! I think they may be good for Christmas goodies as well....hmmmm

  4. Kim - I can only imagine how many S'mores you've had to encounter over the years!

    Donna - Exactly!

    Raquel - Thanks!

    CLS - Love the Christmas idea!

  5. The popcorn looks amazing. My friend makes something like this and it is odd that popcorn can have such rich flavor.

  6. TSRI - It is really a nice treat!

  7. These look amazing! I can't say no to anything s'mores. I will be trying these later this week. Thanks for a great post.