Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dangerously good treat....

I've had a recipe in my to-try piles for some time now that has been calling to me to give it a try lately - I don't know where this one originated, but I've seen it on more than a few "recipe" sites. I figured I would finally listen to the call and make the recipe so Jeff could bring it in for the weekly Wednesday Treat Day at his office.

The recipe name alone, Snickers Fudge, grabbed my attention as we are both fond of the candy bar. This candy has 4 layers to it and you need to set aside time for each layer to set up before making the next. The first layer is a combination of milk chocolate, butterscotch and peanut butter that is melted together until smooth. Once spread into the bottom of the pan and left to set up in the refrigerator, the next layer is prepared. This could be considered the nougat layer - but don't let that scare you, it is pretty easy since it uses marshmallow creme (like a fantasy fudge recipe). Instead of pouring the hot marshmallow mixture into chocolate as you would fudge, you fold in chopped salted peanuts and the nougat is quickly spread over the chocolate base. As this layer sets, a quick caramel layer is prepared by melting caramel cubes and heavy cream over low heat until smooth. This is spread over the nougat and since this is a thin layer, you need to work quickly as it will begin to set if you take your time. The next and final layer is the same combination as the base - melted and spread over the caramel.

While fairly lengthy to make, most of the time is just waiting for the layers to set. After a couple hours from applying the final layer, I began to cut them into squares. As I was cutting through, I was very happy to find it was quite easy to make smooth clean cuts with each layer shining through. The taste? Actually very close to a Snickers - the butterscotch flavor comes through a little more than I thought it would and the nougat is a little more fluffy in texture, but these captivating squares are delicious! The salty peanuts add a likable crunch below the chewy caramel layer with the milk chocolate top and bottom adding just enough sweetness. This will definitely have a spot on the holiday candy platter and will be heading to the top of the repeat pile.

Tonight's dinner, Moros y Cristianos (or Cuban-Style Black Beans and Rice) had some debate on how to actually serve the dish. Neither of us knew if the bean mixture is mixed with the rice, served on top or each served separately so the recipient could decide how they wanted to eat them. We just opted to place the bean mixture on top and left it at that! While the brown basmati rice cooks, onions, garlic and a red bell pepper are cooked until softened. Tomatoes are added with a splash of sherry vinegar and a spice mixture consisting of cumin, oregano, coriander, fennel and red pepper. Black beans and a few dashes of cayenne pepper sauce are added and the mixture is left to thoroughly warm through. The fragrant rice made a good base to the spicy beans - I liked having one on top of the other to just sort of mix them together as you go along, but anyway you like would be good! I served this as a main, but you could easily do this as a side to a variety of dishes. Next time I think I would add a sprinkling of cilantro though for a finishing touch.


  1. Oh Dear - snickers are seriously my all time favorite food. Right after Snickers Ice Cream bars that is. I'm afraid i'm going to have to make these, there's no choice

  2. Oh my. Those look divine.

    I might make these for Christmas...

    Do you see any reason why these wouldn't freeze well?

    I like to make an assortment of finger-food desserts and appetizers ahead of time and freeze them to make entertaining a little easier.

    Your blog is very dangerous!

  3. Joe, about how long did it take each layer to set up?

  4. Goodness - Joe, those snickers bites look outstanding!

  5. Oh Joe!!! Those WILL be on my holiday platters this year. Yum!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jeff!

  6. Thanks for the vote Joe. Will let you know. I also wanted to thank you for the 5 pounds I'm sure to gain from just reading your blog. :)

  7. Oh my, that candy looks good enough to eat!

  8. Dear Lord, you've been busy! I realize everyone's oohing and ahhing over the snickers fudge, but those black beans and rice at the bottom are calling my name! I never seem to tire of beans and rice. :)

  9. Jessica - I've never tried the ice cream bars - Are they that good?

    Alysha - I don't see why they wouldn't - though, the chocolate might bloom some.

    Alice H - Hmm... I think I let them set for 30-60 minutes or so - until they were quite firm.

    Nic - Thanks! We shared some with the neighbors too!

    Erika - And to you and yours!

    Another shade of grey - hee hee!

    Barbara - Yeah!

    Catherine - I loved the beans and rice combo - the flavors were so good!

  10. Joe, your recipes are always so delectable. I still make those fabulous apple-caramel bars. I just love moros y cristianos. Although the traditional way of serving the dish is to mix the beans through the rice, so that the black beans (moros or Moors) mix with the white rice (cristianos or Christians), I think the way you served the dish looks very festive and elegant.

  11. Joe - You're right, the Snickers fudge is indeed dangerous. Don't think I will make it for fear of developing an addiction to it. Does sound awfully tempting, though...

  12. Julie - Thank you for clearing that up about the recipe! I glad to know how it should have been!

    Shaun - Hey, you *could* give some of it away... we did, but I got a nasty look from Jeff when I told him he couldn't have it all. I did make it up to him by saying we will make it again closer to Christmas!