Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fess up... who brought back the cold?

What a difference a day can make - it is 46 and rainy outside... 30 degrees cooler than yesterday! Crazy weather! We made 11 new recipes this past week with the standouts being Buttermilk-Rye Bread, Rosemary Chicken Noodle Soup and the Asiago-Parsley Oven Fries. I also got both recipe sections to the left up to date - you may need to hit refresh to see the new additions! Jeff was just mentioning how both lists are getting quite long!

Before we went grocery shopping this morning, I cooked up some brown basmati rice so it would be chilled and ready to go for tonight's dinner of Chicken and Edamame Fried Rice. Working with leftover rice is best as the grain has a chance to loose some moisture before cooking. Thin sliced chicken breast is quickly cooked in a mixture of canola oil, fresh ginger and garlic. Edamame (green soybeans), carrots, green onions and roasted red peppers are heated through once the chicken is done. Both mixtures are set aside in a covered bowl to keep warm while you begin the rice. The fragrant rice is cooked with canola oil in a very hot skillet with a bit of soy sauce. The chicken and vegetable mixture is added back in with broth, seasoned rice vinegar and Sriracha for a punch of heat. Seasoned rice vinegar helps to balance the flavors and keep the salty soy sauce from being too overpowering. Once plated, chopped peanuts are added on top for a touch of crunch to round out the dish. We found the amount of heat from the Sriracha to be border-line on mild to just right - so you could probably add a bit more if you like things spicy.


  1. This recipe is exactly what I've been needing but too lazy to look for it. Sounds like a great weeknight meal if the roasted red peppers and leftover rice are on hand. (What? Plan ahead? I can only admire you.)
    What is Sriracha?

  2. Not me! I hate the cold!

    It was a great day to stay inside and bake - the wind was whipping the rain against the house and it just sounded miserable......yuck...........

  3. Sriracha is an Asian hot sauce. It usually comes in a plastic bottle, and has a picture of a rooster on the front in white lettering. The sauce itself is an orange-red color. It can be purchased in any Asian food market.

  4. Wow you do have a lot of great looking recipes! I'm impressed! You should do a top ten at the end of the year and let us know your absolute faves.

  5. Amy - Liz is correct!

    Alysha - It suppose to be raining and cold again here.. blah!

    Liz - Thanks for answering!

    Anon - Thanks! With the amount of recipes we go through, it would be hard to narrow them down... something to think about though!