Saturday, November 11, 2006

Light figgy treat before going to enjoy the day...

What a beautiful day we had out here in Maryland today - the temperature was in the mid 70's and we are in the middle of November! We were going to spend most of our time outside enjoying the warm weather, but I did want to get some baking done first.

When we made our last trip to Trader Joe's about a month ago, I made sure to stock up on black mission figs so I could make the Chocolate, Fig, and Marsala Pastries - but then I couldn't remember what other recipes I was going to use them in! I went and picked a recipe for Fig and Almond Squares since it looked like it would come together pretty quick and it needed to sit around to cool before it was drizzled with a frosting. I also wanted to have a reason to use the amaretto we had in the pantry! Before you pour the sweet brown sugar dough into the pan, be sure to only coat the bottom with nonstick spray - the batter goes down in a thin layer so these need something to cling to as they bake in the oven. These are chewy with chunks of dried figs, toasted sliced almonds and coconut in each bite. The amaretto infused the bars with a light almond background while just a couple drops are added to the firm frosting to dress the bars with a drizzle of sweetness.


  1. I wonder why it is I don't like fresh figs, but love the dried ones. Fig Newtons are one of my favorite cookies; these bars look yummy.

    I made your Honey Hoisin Pork Tenderloin tonight for DH and DS - we loved it! I like how it browned up in the skillet; the timed cooking in the oven made it easier for me than going outside and cooking on the grill; though if I do this during the summer, that's just what I'll do.

  2. Just what I need to go with my mid-afternoon coffee.

  3. I got my eyes on this recipe, glad to see a review from you Joe! I too love figs, they are always good, dried or fresh!
    Your bars look really nice!!

  4. Cyndi - I'm happy to hear you liked the pork!

    Mimi - Yeah!

    Ana - I love figs too, but more so in recipes than by themselves!