Sunday, March 18, 2007

Crunchy barbeque biscuits for the pups...

Since we were gone last week, we were really just playing catch-up on recipes we made the week before - but, over the last weeks worth of posting, a couple of favorites did stand out for us.. They were the Anise-Scented Fig and Date Swirls and Pork Pot Stickers! Now that we're home for a few weeks (hmm... where to next you might ask? Stay tuned...!) I have lots of ideas and plans going through my head for the upcoming week.

After we picked up the pups on Friday from the boarding place, Jeff went to the freezer in the garage to get them some treats... except he came back with an empty bowl! Apparently we forgot that we were out of homemade treats and didn't think to buy them any! Oops! So after a day of getting constant sad puppy dog eyes, I went to work today when we got back from the market to come up with some treats.

When I looked over some past recipes we've done, I noticed that we have not made any flavored in a barbeque style... So I grabbed my notebook and started pulling out some ingredients to create some! I added whole wheat flour, rye flour and wheat germ to create the healthy base for the dry ingredients, with rolled oats and yellow cornmeal in addition to give the treats a hearty crunchy texture. The wet ingredients came next with chicken broth and canola oil whisk together with natural barbeque sauce from Trader Joe's to give them their barbeque flavor. It only took a couple minutes of kneading until the dough came together and was quite smooth. The dough easily rolled out without much resistance and the bones, hearts and circles we cut out went into the oven. Jeff was downstairs while I was putting this together and within a few minutes of them going into the oven, I heard him sniffing as he wandered upstairs - he immediately started asking what time the barbeque would be ready for dinner!! I think he was sorely disappointed to find out it was only treats for the dogs and not for him... ha!

I thought about giving them either an egg glaze or basting them in some of the sauce midway through baking, but I figured we would keep them clean to see how if the pups would like them. They stood by the island wagging their tails the entire time these golden biscuits were on the racks cooling - I think they liked them too... Max even started dancing so he could guilt us out of another one!


  1. I'm green with envy -- your dogs are so lucky to have you to cook for them (but then, so is Jeff!). Max is a gorgeous dog, and I see he's properly appreciative, too.

  2. Homemade puppy treats are the best! My dog loves peanut butter treats though I must admit I haven't been able to replicate her favorite flavor at home: chedder cheese and bacon. Tis a bit tough to do in a vegetarian household.

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  3. Mizburd - Yes, Max did seem to be thankful. Though I'm sure he would like more!

    Ari - Hmm, that may be a challenge, but they do make soy bacon!

  4. I haven't started to bake for my new puppy but your barbeque biscuits do inspire me. Is there a particular dog food book you recommend?

  5. Allen - I don't have a doggie book I cook from... however, I've heard good things about the 3 dog bakery book!