Sunday, March 25, 2007

Easy chicken dish on a beautiful spring day...

10 new recipes made this week - our favorites were the Spinach Ricotta Rotini, Chocolate Waffle Cookies and the Cinnamon-Apple Bars with Peanut Butter Glaze. I've been a little lax in keeping the recipe sections to the left updated, but I finally got them current - I did a tally and we have posted at least 768 recipes now! Dang!

I finally have something nice to say about the weather! It was a beautiful spring day today!

It was sunny and finally started to warm up, so we wanted to spend as much time soaking up the rays and getting some outside work done. The only downside? That means the evil mowing season is right around the corner! Boo!

I didn't want to have to worry about a long prep for dinner tonight, so we chose this recipe, Sesame Noodles with Chicken, as it could be done in a snap without much effort. As we waited for some long linguine pasta to cook, we whipped up a saucy concoction of vegetable broth, natural peanut butter, rice vinegar, soy sauce, fresh ginger and a bit of Sriracha for a spicy kick. So you don't need to dirty another dish, thin strips of carrots are added to the pasta when there is about 3 minutes left to go. The hot pasta and carrots are tossed with the creamy sauce, shredded cooked chicken breast and sliced green onions with a smattering of toasted sesame seeds on top for a second nutty element to the dish. With a half cup of peanut butter in the sauce, we thought it might overwhelm the dish, but it added a little decadence while still coming across as being fairly light. I would suggest breaking the noodles in half before you add them to the water as it was a little hard make sure each portion would get a fairly even amount.


  1. I just tried tis recipe last night. It was yummy! Thanks for sharing the culinary goodness.

  2. Chris - Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you liked it!