Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sweet corn muffins...

I woke up this morning and realized we didn't have any homemade snacks on hand since we had been out of town all last week. I pondered back and forth on what sounded good, but I couldn't decide - I handed Jeff 3 or 4 recipes and told him to just pick one without looking. So, that took the pressure off and settled what I was going to bake this morning!

Jeff pulled a recipe for these Sweet Corn Muffins. These are definitely more sweet than and not as heavy as a regular cornbread. Yellow cornmeal gives these muffins a hearty texture with a slight crunch without being too grainy. Since you know that we prefer a little crust to the outside of our muffins, I opted to forgo any muffin liners. If you like the outside of muffins to be softer, be sure to place some liners in the pan before you add the batter.

Tangy plain yogurt lends moisture and keeps these satisfying muffins light and tender on the inside. For a sweet crunchy finish, a generous scattering of raw turbinado sugar is added on top of the raw batter. After being baked, some muffins need to sit and cool for a few hours to lure their flavor out, but we found these were quite pleasing warm right out of the muffin tin. Enjoy them plain or walk on the wild side and split them in half to add a dollop of chunky preserves.

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