Saturday, June 23, 2007

Can it get better than gorgeous fresh strawberries and lots of chocolate?

I mentioned in yesterday's post about a sweet treat I made involving strawberries and chocolate, but it needed to rest in the refrigerator first before we snapped a couple photos. Because of the time involved with chilling, I would suggest making this Strawberry-Chocolate Tart a day before you want to serve it, unless you make it early enough in the day.

The cookie-like crust for this tart comes together in a snap - it is simply made from rolled oats, granulated sugar and salt that are mixed in a food processor until the oats are finely ground. Chilled chunks of butter are added and after a couple tablespoons of icy water, the crust came together in no time. The best part of this dough? No rolling it out! You just scoop it into the bottom of a tart pan and use your hands to easily mash it over the bottom and up the sides.Since the filling is cooked in a saucepan, the crust does need to be fully baked before being filled.

The ultra-smooth custard filling is made from milk, sugar, Dutch-processed cocoa powder for a smooth chocolate flavor and cornstarch to thicken the mixture. A splash of vanilla and a handful of bittersweet chocolate chunks are added off-heat and stirred into the mix until the chocolate disperses into the filling. After filling the crisp golden crust, a layer of beautiful sweet strawberries are assembled over the dark slick of rich chocolate custard. The filling needs as much time in the refrigerator that you can give it - this allows the filling to set up correctly so your sliced tart pieces will be clean and hold up well.

My only concern is after the 8 hours in the refrigerator, the bottom crust was not as crisp as the sides were - I wonder if you gave the crust a quick brush with a beaten egg white, before baking, would be enough to protect it and prevent the softening. Soft crust or not, this was completely swoon-worthy for being a fairly light recipe - just be sure to use the best strawberries you can get your hands on. We ended up going to a local u-pick farm and picked a couple baskets worth for ours - because you know... while we were assembling it went something like one for the tart, two for me!


  1. Oh, yum. There is nothing better that strawberries and chocolate for dessert. I can't wait to make this!

  2. "Swoon-worthy" -- I love your adjectives. I believe this would fit that perfectly. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  3. Erin - That is for sure... it is one of our favorite combinations!

    Anj - Thank you!

  4. Joe, this look very delicious! I am another fan of strawberries and chocolate together!
    Is this from the new CL issue? I think I might have missed this one, but am now adding to my list ot make!
    I love the idea of the oatmeal crust, it looks so good! (just love oats!)
    The filling sounds like a chocolate pudding from your description, is it right? At first I thought it would be a ganache!
    Nice tart, really pretty Joe!

  5. I too raise my hand for choc and strawberries. Combining them in a tart is spectacular. Looks great.

  6. It looks mouthwatering, Joe!
    I love strawberries and they go so well with chocolate!

  7. Joe, I so wish I had your presentation skills. Of course on this dessert it may not matter as I think I would dive into it fairly quickly. We have had a good batch of strawberries around here even at the regular grocery store. I think I will try this one this weekend.

  8. What a beautiful presentation! Looks delicious too!

  9. Ana - it is from the june issue! It is kind of like a pudding, but it is more firm like a custard!

    Meeta - Thanks!

    Patricia - Thank you!

    Laura - I get lots of pratice since we bake so often... hee hee!

    Barbara - It was!

  10. That looks gorgeous, Joey! I haven't paired strawberries & chocolate yet this year, but it'll surely change!