Monday, June 11, 2007

No lettuce in this salad!

Just a quick note to start - the recipe sections to the left have been brought up to date!

When thinking about salads, the first thing that comes to mind is lettuce - however, as we found with tonight's dinner, this does not always have to be the case! In this dish, Warm Snow Pea and Chicken Salad, bright grassy green slivered snow peas quickly won us over with their crunchy sweetness instead of using some variety of lettuce.

We started off by gently poaching chicken breasts in chicken broth, rather than water, which gave them an extra boost of flavor. After they have cooled a bit, the juicy chicken is then shredded into bite sized pieces. Next, quite a lot of raw snow peas are trimmed and slivered lengthwise - they are then quickly cooked in a mixture of toasted sesame oil, garlic and fresh ginger. Once their color has brightened up, the strips of peas are placed with the bits of chicken into an Asian-flavored dressing. Rice vinegar and soy sauce give the dressing a salty tang with nutty cashew butter and toasted sesame oil giving it a rich creamy texture. Once plated, a shower of crunchy chopped cashews graces the top of each serving to tie into the luscious sesame dressing. Light, clean and very refreshing, this lovely take on salad with its crisp texture was just the right choice to end a warm summer day. I make my own cashew butter often, but if it is not something you would normally have, you could use some tahini (sesame seed paste) instead.


  1. You make your own cashew butter?? I am hanging my head in shame! Seriously, this sounds just fabulous. Saving the recipe right now.

  2. Every couple of weeks, I challenge myself to make a lettuce-free salad. Hard, because I love lettuce, and because it's so easy. But without the lettuce you really have to concentrate on making the rest of the ingredients count. This recipe absolutely does that!

  3. That looks so very good. Do you think peanut butter would work as well? Definitely will try this one.

  4. That sounds so good!! My oldest daughter and I love snow peas. I bet she would love that salad and I know I would. I'm going to make that for us soon. I may just have to send my kids to live with you, lol. I think between your awesome meals and wonderful sweets both of my girls would be in heaven. So should I wait until you've moved?

  5. Before I had read anything, just looking at the picture, I thought it would be wonderful with an Asian dressing - and that's what you did!! This sounds so perfect.

  6. Kalyn - Yes! We also make almond and sometimes sunflower if we are feeling extra adventurous!

    Lydia - I agree and it is a nice change of pace!

    Anj - I would certainly try it!

    Tammy - Since I think it will be awhile before we move, I think we have plenty of room now!

    Deborah - Thanks!