Saturday, June 16, 2007

Plowing through the blueberry stash in the freezer...

Another blueberry recipe today... my supply of wild blueberries in the freezer is dwindling down, but I still have quite a bit left. The freeze was sparse of muffins, so this morning I made a recipe for Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins I've been meaning to make for quite a long time.

I loved the texture of these muffins - it was kind of a cross between a regular muffin and a cupcake - they were light, notably moist and as you can see below, packed with a generous amount of tiny purple-hued juicy berries in each muffin. I think the flavor of lemons goes brilliantly well with blueberries, so we added fresh lemon zest to the batter, along with using a lemon flavored yogurt.

Besides lending flavor to these golden crusted muffins, the yogurt absolutely helped give them their soft and moist texture - feel free to substitute another flavor if you like, I bet vanilla or raspberry would be quite nice too. There is also a half cup of quick oats thrown into the dry ingredients - this added a bit of a chew to the muffins and gave them a little weight, without making them heavy, if that makes sense. If you have access to fresh blueberries, by all means use them if you like - I just prefer the wild as they are so small, it seems like you get more (besides the fact that I have a ton in the freezer anyway...)!


  1. These look SO good...and nice and light! We've got lots of blueberries right now...I just wish I had a freezer big enough to freeze a bunch. I've bookmarked this to try it sometime soon!

  2. Claire - We have a chest freezer in the garage... I don't know what I would do without it!

  3. Joe - Those blueberry muffins look scrumptious!