Thursday, September 13, 2007

The bounty of fall should be coming soon!

As the weather cools, the one thing that I love the most about this time of the year is the crops of fresh apples that are slowly making their way into the markets. Now that we are back in Minnesota again, I can't wait to until I can sink my teeth into a local firm and juicy Honeycrisp or Ginger Gold apple. I think those two top the list as our most favorite apples for eating out of our hands. I've heard that they have started hitting the farmers markets and local stores, but I haven't had a chance to search them out yet!

As we wait for those apples, of course we still enjoy eating and cooking with other different varieties. Tonight's Apple Turkey Picadillo that we had for dinner used a kind of apple that we almost always have on hand - Granny Smiths! As I scanned through what we needed to make this, I was unsure if the flavor from the of mix of spices and ingredients would be something we would like or not. Once the typical combination of garlic and onions was taken care of, ground turkey (you could use all-breast meat, but I like to grind a combination of white and dark for a better texture) is added to cook and brown the meat. Smoky cumin, oregano, salt, pepper and a sweet twist with a dash of ground cloves is added to spice up the mixture. To lift up any bits of caramelized flavor-packed bits from the bottom of the skillet, tangy cider vinegar is added to loosen them up.

Tart chunks of Granny Smith apples, juicy chopped tomatoes, pungent green olives and savory Worcestershire sauce are then added to cook down and release some of their liquid to create a syrupy glaze to help keep the mixture moist. The smell that filled the kitchen was wonderful when the cumin and cloves hit the pan - the mixture of sweet, tart and savory made for a fragrant filling dinner that I'll be sure to make again during this apple season. You could serve this over tortillas or even on a bed of nutty brown rice, but I decided to use it as a stuffing inside a couple halves of whole wheat pita bread. We also thought it would be fun to use this as a filling in those Tostito's Scoops!

Apple Turkey Picadillo


  1. At the market right now we have Applets and Honeycrisps. I am waiting for the Spartans..they are still my favourite apple to date. Have to wait till October for those though!!! Fall is my favourite season with its wonderful flavours and fresh, crisp air. Your turkey dish sounds amazing with all the blends of flavours. Excellent choice for those crisp fall days!!!

  2. We made this last week. Unfortunately my husband didn't care for the combination of flavors. I think the problem was the tomatoes, he doesn't like those (even though he likes tomato sauce). I thought they would blend into the mixture, but once I got it put together I realized that they didn't mesh into everything as much as I anticipated.

    I served it on top of some pieces of grilled whole-wheat flat bread. That was a nice combo.

  3. I am eating a Gingergold right now! I went to an apple orchard last week and picked bags and bags of them. So good! If you want Gingergold, I would suggest going soon--the orchard I went to said their season was almost over. But Honeycrisp should be ready soon!


  4. Valli - We will try - there will be plenty of time in the new few months I think!

    Jill - Flat bread would have been a great option for us too! I can see how not everyone would be a fan of this dish though.

    Courtney - We got some this past weekend! I love them!