Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why's that pasta so angry?

We have finally settled on a date to go back out east, get the pups and once again make the long drive back to their new home! While I'm not excited about that drive with 2 doggies in the back seat, it will be nice to finally feel like we are completely done with the move - we should be "whole" once again in about 2 weeks.

When I was plucking out recipes to plan this week's menu on Saturday, I decided to pick ones that were fairly simple and quick so we could have a chance to ease into the new kitchen and learn its quirks. Pasta dishes usually fit well into this category, so I chose this Whole Wheat Pasta Arrabbiata with Arugula recipe for tonight's dinner. It also gave me a chance to finally submit something to Ruth's Presto Pasta Night roundup on Friday!

As a pound of whole wheat penne cooks, a speedy sauce begins by softening red onions with plenty of minced garlic in a couple tablespoons of olive oil. To add the "angry" (arrabbiata) element to the dish, a teaspoon of spicy red pepper flakes is also added at this point. To freshen the flavor from the canned fire-roasted diced tomatoes, a splash of balsamic vinegar is stirred in just before the tomatoes hit the pan. Once the pasta is married with the sauce, a generous cup of salty pecorino-romano cheese is stirred in to add a sharp note. To finish this dish, a few handfuls of peppery arugula lends a bit more color and a healthy bite. It was hard to not go dish up another bowl, but I wanted to make sure there would be enough left for both of us to enjoy at lunch tomorrow.

Whole Wheat Pasta Arrabbiata with Arugula


  1. I can't believe so much has been happening with you and Jeff since I last visited. Looks like you are settling in nicely and I love the house. I'm in the middle of building myself -- so many decisions!

    Catching up on your posting was are absolutely the best of the best. Consistent posting, great pictures, candid comments and simple, great recipes. Bravo!

  2. Nice healthy additions to an Italian favorite; can't wait to try this twist.

    Many Blessings for peace and happiness in your new home. Buon apetito.

  3. That's an interesting arrabiata. You know, I've searched in a bunch of places here and can't find fire roasted tomatoes anywhere! I'm so jealous. Do you find them at a particular market?

  4. Janice - We have been busy little bees haven't we? I wish we could have built our house, but I'm afraid I'd be way too overwhelmed when it came to all of the choices to have to make.

    John - Thanks!

    Jen - I usually find them in the organic section of the markets, but I've not had a problem finding them at all in any of the stores out here!

  5. Looks good. Arrabiata is one of my favorite pastas. Topping it with fresh arugula sounds like a good idea. I will have to try it.

  6. This sounds really good to me. I love spicy food. My family and I put a ton of crushed red pepper in everything...and now it seems like I can't even taste it anymore.

  7. Great recipe and I'm so glad you've shared with Presto Pasta Night.

    I obviously have been too busy with my own seemingly never ending move....I didn't even know you were moving again. Guess I'll have some back reading to do ;-D

  8. Kevin - the bitterness from the Arugula fit in well!

    Emilie - Yeah, I've been backing off lately, but I love the stuff!

    Ruth - I just need to make sure that when we do a pasta dish to remember about Presto Pasta Night!

  9. Hey! We just made your recipe for Pasta Arrabiata and it was AMAZING! It really hit the spot. The balsamic vinegar and the arugula were great additions. Check out our post over at to hear us glow some more about your recipe!

  10. Neen - I'm gladed you liked the dish! Thanks for the mention.